Campaign Launch Strategy & Marketing

Keyframe has been working with campaign launches for over a decade. Please contact us for more info.

Who this is for: Companies launching a product or service, start-ups, authors, artists, blogs, etc.

Campaign Launch Strategy & Marketing (3-month Subscription Package)  

  • 1-hour initial interview / consultation
  • Social media audit, strategy, and management
  • Research of potential partners & partnership matching / sponsors / audiences
  • Generate outreach letter templates (templates to help you achieve your goals)
  • Press Releases: Share your company news with media outlets through Advanced PRWeb press releases
  • Networking: We will connect you to our vast network and alumni support channel
  • Creative Media & Consultation

The above 3-month subscription package offers a temporary boosting support option for your project. We start off with an introductory meeting to assess your project status and needs, which includes social media assessment. This provides an effective outline for campaign strategy and management. After research and identifying potential audiences, partners, and sponsors, outreach letters are generated for project promotion and outreach; templates which are also useful in future endeavors. A press release will be created to announce your project news and, as per our networking clause, will be shared via our social media platform that entails a vast network of connections. We will also offer creative media and consultation. Weekly meetings to be determined.

Crowdfunding Campaigns