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Keyframe Blog October 2018

Keyframe Blog October 2018

Hello hello Keyframers!

It’s an exciting month ahead! Please enjoy our selected mixes and join us at our Convergence of VR and Electronic Dance Music event on October 17!

Enjoy ‘Ancients Calling’ from Merkaba’s new release, Tribal Technology! And be sure to read the album preview by Christian Cortes on Reality Sandwich!

And here’s the pumpin’ mix by Jill Mcdonald VS Boris Levit at Public Works’ 8 year anniversary!

EVENT: SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 17 – Keyframe presents the Convergence of VR & Electronic Dance Music

On October 17th @The Great Northern in SF, Keyframe will showcase the intersection of VR and Electronic Dance Music with talks from Nathan of Survios (Electronauts), TheWaveVR, TribeXR, The Virtual Rave and SwanVR. Including demos from High Fidelity, Exit Reality, Liquid Light Project, NewPathVR, Visual Reality, and performances by Solar Theory, Torkom Ji, and Michael Strauss.
We’re also honored to have sponsor support from SUBPAC, Pyramind, Chronos Global Academy, VRARA, EMA and the VRS Conference. Read all about it in our press release!

Occurring on the same week, the VRS Conference is part of Greenlight Insights‘ XRSWeek, the premier annual gathering of senior executives, innovators and honored officials offering dialogue and insight into the future of immersive technology. We’re honored to be the Afterparty for the evening of Day 2 of the VRS Conference!

We welcome volunteers for the San Francisco event, as well as volunteers and sponsors in LA and NYC for events in 2019 located there, as we want to make this a multi-city event! Please contact natacha@keyframe-entertainment.com for next steps!

Get your event tickets: https://keyframe_dancemusic_vr.eventbrite.com

Confirm your attendance on Facebook.


Galactic Gallery

The Galactic Gallery is an award winning aesthetically driven interactive Virtual Reality Art Gallery which explores intersections between traditional art and new media. The experience allows you to interact and go inside of the art. It’s a fully immersive experience available on STEAM for the HTC VIVE, Oculus, and Microsoft Mixed reality platforms. ~~ The Galactic Gallery, the 2nd place winner of the Arts & Culture Viveport Developer Award.
The experience takes you on a journey with art from the world’s top visionary artists featuring Android Jones, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Xavi, Raul Casillas, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, Hans Haveron, and Simon Haiduk. The art is processed with effects only possible in a virtual reality. New methods of creating and interacting with art are explored. The soundtrack features songs and remixes from David Starfire, CloZee, and Kalya Scintilla. The sound design and music production were created using the SUBPAC for a fully immersive experience.

Tribe XR

Tribe XR is a VR app that offers a virtual pro DJ deck, tutorials, and 1-on-1 live lessons. Tribe is building the platform for immersive real-world skills training, helping people level up, giving them the skills to succeed.

Survios: Electronauts

Immerse yourself in an interactive sonic environment where you build, drop, remix, and jam with your friends and top artists. Create songs, crush sets, and express yourself like never before. Electronauts sets the stage for you to DJ, perform, and make music magic in virtual reality.

VR/AR Association SF Chapter Fall Dinner & Networking Event

The day before our event, on October 16, the VR/AR Association SF Chapter is hosting its Fall Dinner & Networking Event! This event follows the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference (VRS 2018) of Tuesday, October 16th.

Please join us for an evening of growth, knowledge and connections with Spanish tapas from an all-organic menu with VRARA members and VIP’s from the global virtual reality community at the ThirstyBear Brewing Company, only a few minutes walk from the Park Central Hotel & Conference Center (VRS 2018).

Get your dinner tickets on Eventbrite!

As always, feel free to share with us projects that inspire you so that we can we can post in our network. We strive to make this blog an avenue by and for the Intentional community.

If you have music mixes and memes that you’d like to have featured on Evolver EDM, send them to: Natacha .at. keyframe-entertainment.com.

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