Keyframe Partners
Oculus Launch Pad & Oculus Start

Oculus Launch Pad is a program designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds with hands on training and support, so they can iterate on their unique ideas and bring them to market. Oculus Start is aimed at providing access, support and savings to qualifying VR developers. Julian Reyes, founder of Keyframe, is a member of both programs.


MeetinVR is the first social VR platform in Denmark and top 10 social VR apps for business in the world. MeetinVR enables you and your team to meet in interactive VR spaces. Review and approve design concepts and prototypes, share and brainstorm complex ideas & interact naturally as if you truly are in the same space.


To enable better computer vision development, LexSet has created TDaaS (Training Data as a Service), using 3D content to create photo-realistic synthetic data to train Vision AI models. The approach allows users to generate limitless amounts of training data on-demand; customizing the camera type, lighting conditions, occlusions, and materials in a training set purpose generated for each application. TDaaS has been specifically proven in making better AI vision systems for robotic object recognition and navigation, without needing photos in the training set.

xRS Week

xRS Week is VR/AR’s top executive conference and expo, offering strategic dialogue and insight into the future of virtual & augmented reality.
– Hear from more than 100 high-caliber speakers across a program of over 50 sessions
– Gain valuable insight for managing through turbulent times facing the future of immersive technologies
– Build relationships with a community of more than 800 decision-makers from all facets of the VR/AR industry


XR USA provides a forum between some of the world’s largest brands and investors to discuss strategies for getting XR successfully integrated into the workplace, the public domain and into people’s homes. XR USA highlights case studies from global brands spanning more than 10 key verticals across the XR ecosystem.



Visual Reality is a visionary event production company and new media art collective with an eye on a positive future for humanity. They create environments that facilitate deep inner journeys, as well as community building social connections. Their pioneering multi-sensory events blending VR with audio/visual art, live performances, and sound healing meditation provide a unique perspective on immersive entertainment and transformative technology, as well as an engaging restorative experience.


Pyramind is America’s premier digital music and audio production academy in San Francisco and Online. Pyramind is San Francisco’s leading institute for music production education and creative studio services. Their ground campus, online training programs and mentorship network provide an immersive learning experience that accelerate the careers of music producers, sound designers, composers, audio engineers, and electronic music artists.


Playable.Agency produces immersive and interactive experiences of all types, from VR, AR & XR art to theatre that connects people to each other in new ways.
Playable believes in the power of invitations to play and collaboration in the magic circle of gameplay.



Tribe harnesses VR and AR to enable people to learn real world skills. Learning by doing is scientifically proven to cement knowledge better than watching videos, reading or sitting in class. their first vertical is Music production and DJing. A virtual mentor explains the basics of DJing, teaches techniques on realistically-rendered virtual decks.


NewPath VR

NewPathVR is the creator of personal development and emotional intelligence applications in virtual reality. The company uses research-based methods from its proprietary Active PsychologyTM library to create wellness applications for VR with the goal of evoking positive change through transformative technology. We also teach accredited courses in VR Psychology and power the world’s first VR wellness portal —


ARTandVR is a Futurist Festival celebrating the fusion of art and technology.

ARTandVR was birthed from the belief that bridging the growing chasm between the art and tech communities could catalyze the radical change needed to become a humanist, progressive society.

Bringing together the best in underground art and indie coding, the results are multi-layered, sensorial, and groundbreaking.




Electronic Music Alliance

Electronic Music Alliance is a 501(c)(3) public charity and non-profit organization uniting the Electronic Music community to be the “Sound of Change”; cultivating, collaborating, and celebrating social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community building, and volunteerism. Julian Reyes is Board of Directors of EMA.

It’s our mission to encourage fans, artists and industry leaders from the electronic music community, to work toward positive change, by supporting local charities, participating in community volunteerism events, and implementing standards that will not just keep the Electronic Music eco-system competitive, but at the forefront of sustainability.
Electronic Music Alliance is committed to raising funds to create programs which support our mission and culture. The Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a global membership alliance of the electronic music industry and community.

The core mission of EMA is to:

–Educate and activate our members to achieve positive social change by setting and implementing standards for social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities
–Advocate on behalf of our members to safeguard the electronic dance music community’s rights