Past Events List

Keyframe-Entertainment has been involved in the production of music events and film screenings for many years. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on future events or festivals. Please contact us to explore ways to collaborate. For our upcoming events, please visit our Events page.

March 2019 – Evolve 2.0 with Pyramind TribeXR demo of VR DJ system
December 2018 – Cosmic Heart @Onedome The Unreal Garden AR – Event photos
Oct 2018 – Convergence of VR & electronic music VRS Conference Afterparty – Event photos
June 2018 – Con Te Damanhur VR App launch nonlinear 360° experience
May 2018 – VRLA Virtual Reality Conference. Visual Reality area sponsorship
Feb 2017 – ARTandVR event sponsorship the Convergence of Art and VR
May 2017 – LOCZI Design Fundraiser Multi-Disciplinary art installation for SF DESIGN WEEK

May 2019 – Keyframe presents Illuminertia’s ‘Mystery School’ & Heartwurkz
Sept 2018 – Psynickers Dark – Back Techno Room hosting
July 2018 – The Return of Spun Records & Bansi GMS tribute – Back Techno Room hosting
Jan 2018 – Khromata Nights – Back Techno Room hosting
Jan 2018 – The American Jungle SF After Party @ Public Works – Afterparty event photos
Nov 2017 – Amplify Her SF World Premiere Afterparty @PublicWorks – Event photos
September 2017 – Opulent Chill @Burning Man – Supported
May 2017 – Liberation Movement @The Independent Sponsorship
April 2017 – Khromata Nights – Back Techno Room hosting
March 2017 – ALIA Feminine Medicine album release event
April 2016 – Keyframe EMA Benefit party Presenting Johnny Blue & Tribone – Event video
July 2016 – Underground Nomads @F8, with Wisdom of Shankara
July 2016 – ALIA: A Night of Feminine Medicine (Deya Dova) & ReInhabiting the Village
December 2014 – Amon Tobin – lounge hosting
Nov 2014 – Keyframe Transformational Cultural Forum Permaculture eventEvent photos
May 2014 – Keyframe Transformational Culture Forum event
May 2014 – Mighty & Opel Present featuring BT
May 2012 – Keyframe Presents Captain Hook & Hedflux @Supperclub
February 2012 – Elev8 Electronic San Diego Awakening Screening featuring Phutureprimitive
July 2009 – Kandy Vegas @Playboy Mansion (co-host)
July 2009 – Starz Club featuring Jason Knight in Puerto Rico
July 2009 – Destiny Favors the Bold” @Temple, Paul Hemming, Jason Knight & Floorcraft
June 2009 – Kandyland @Playboy Mansion (co-host)
March 2009 – Keyframe Presents Road to Ultra – Road to Ultra video
February 2009 – Kandy Masquerade @Playboy Mansion (co-host)
October 2008 – Kandy Halloween @Playboy Mansion (co-host)
September 2008 – Lovefest SF. Support of Freeform Scarab Music video from LoveFest
September 2008 – Dustbuster featuring Burning Man camps and Jason Knight
August 2008 – CODA Igniter – Syd Gris, Jason Knight
July 2008 – 1015 Folsom features Taj and John Beaver – Back room Techno hosting
July 2008 – 1015 Folsom and Geomagnetic – Infected Mushroom, Dirtyhertz (Support)
June 2008 – Karma Kandyland @Playboy Mansion (co-host)
February 2008 – Ruby Skye – Mauro Picotto, Jason Knight – Slow Burn Music Video
Sept 2007 – Collaborated in creating the CODA Burning Man camp
Feb 2007 – Dream GenieUs event – Jason Knight, Dirtyhertz

Feb 2018 – Mauli Ola 2018 – sponsor
August 2017 – Oregon Eclipse 2017hosted ReInhabiting the Village area
April 2017 – Lucidity Festival 2017 – sponsor
September 2016 – Symbiosis Gatheringhosted ReInhabiting the Village workshop
April 2016 – Lucidity Festival 2016 – sponsor
April 2015 – Lucidity Festival 2015 – sponsor
August 2013 – Sacred Spaces Village – supported Sacred Spaces @Burning Man
March 2011 – SF bookings The Ultra Music Festival – Tiesto – Road to Ultra video
March 2010 – SF bookings The Ultra Music Festival – Dutch, Jason Knight
March 2009 – SF bookings The Ultra Music Festival – Jason Knight, Sentient
March 2008 – SF bookings The Ultra Music Festival – Kuze, Random

FILM SCREENINGS (for all “Electronic Awakening” screenings by year, please see list below)
May 2019 – Reality Studios Inc Plant Medicine event – The Spirit Molecule screening @Glastonbury, UK
July 2018 – Boom Festival presentation, Amplify Her film screening
March 2018 – Amplify Her SF screening for International Women’s Day
Jan 2018 – The American Jungle SF screeningEvent photos
Nov 2017 – Amplify Her SF Premiere @Castro TheaterEvent photos
July 2013 – The Bloom Episode 3: New Ways of the Sacred screening premiere & Afterparty @TempleSF

2016 – ELECTRONIC AWAKENING screened in SEPT 2016 at Mauli Ola Festival, Pahala, Hawaii. NOV 2016 at Zen Awakening, Orlando, FL, USA.
2015 – ELECTRONIC AWAKENING screened in MAY 2015 at: Fishbon Studies, Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Chai bar & art gallery NOMAD, Berlin, Germany, and SoulFood Coffee House, Seattle, WA, USA.
2014 – ELECTRONIC AWAKENING screened in JANUARY 2014 at: Boomerang Festival, Cape Town, South Africa; in MARCH 2014 at: Chai bar & art gallery NOMAD, Berlin, Germany; in JUNE 2014 at: Lakes of Fire, Rothbury, Michigan, USA; in JULY 2014 at: Lunar Burn, Northern California, USA, Momentum, Chicago, USA, and Motion Notion, Golden BC, Canada. AUGUST 2014 at: Bass Coast, BC, Canada, Forest Frequencies, Chatoul, Lebanon, Burning Man : Sacred Spaces, Houston CORE Camp, & OKNOTOK Camp – USA. SEPTEMBER 2014 at Gaggalacka, Berlin, Germany.
2013 – ELECTRONIC AWAKENING screened in JANUARY 2013 at: Internet Streaming iVOD release, Evolver Salon @ the Learning Center, Melbourne, Australia, and Flurodepths of Fractal Forest, Toronto, Canada. FEBRUARY 2013 at: Conscious Life Film Festival The Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles, USA, and Earth Frequency Festival, Queensland, Australia. MARCH 2013 at: O-Cinema during the WMC, Miami – WMC, USA. APRIL 2013 at: Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, USA. MAY 2013 at: Psychedelik Liberation, Quebec City, Canada, Welcome to Pangea, The New Atlantis, NC, USA, Awaken, California Redwoods, USA, and SolMoon Presents, Nevada City, CA, USA. JUNE 2013 at: MANDALA, Northern California, USA, and Costa Rica International Film Festival, Montezuma, Costa Rica. JULY 2013 at: Evolver Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, Electronic Music Conference and Audio Expo, Manila, Philippines, Motion Notion, BC, Canada, and WTF! What The Festival, OR, USA. AUGUST 2013 at: Black Rock City, Burning Man, USA. SEPTEMBER 2013 at: Earthdance, Cape Town, South Africa.
2012 – ELECTRONIC AWAKENING screened in JANUARY 2012 at: Sacred Medicine Festival for World Peace, Alto Paraíso – Goiás, Brazil, We Have a Dream Event, Eugene, OR, USA, The Dream CO / Well Collective with Love and Light, Victoria, BC, Canada, and Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria, Australia
FEBRUARY 2012 at: Avant Garden, Houston, TX, USA, Spin Nightclub SD, San Diego, CA, USA, Traverse Social Club, Revelstoke, CA, USA, and The Windup Space, Baltimore, MA, USA.
MARCH 2012 at: The Stonehouse, Nevada City, CA, USA, Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Luminous Movement Equinox Celebration, Santa Monica, CA, USA, Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland (2nd screening), The Underground, Reno, NV, USA, Stage House, Sennen, UK, Firestorm Cafe and Books, Asheville, NC, USA, Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA, and ID&Theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. APRIL 2012 at: Appalachian State University, Boone, NC USA, Brandon University Underground Music Club, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, Evolver Calgary, Calgary, Canada, Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Brooklyn Fire Proof East, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Victoria Event Center, Victoria, BC, Canada, The Happiness Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA, Forward Festival, Washington DC, WA, USA, Samadhi Yoga, Seattle, WA, USA, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA, and CLouD 9, Berkeley, CA USA.
MAY 2012 at Manifestation Celebration, Dallas, TX USA, Desert Rocks Film and Music Event, Victorville, CA, USA, Thrive Fitness, Austin, TX, USA, Symbiosis, Pyramid Lake, NV, USA, and Solar Culture (Galactic Center), Tucson, AZ, USA. JUNE 2012 at: 2012 Desert Rocks Music festival, Green River, UT, USA, MEME Festival, Manitoba, Canada, and Our Sacred Acres, Seattle, WA, USA.
JULY 2012 at: MeetUp Japan / BurnNinja, Tokyo, Japan, Motion Notion Festival, Beaverfoot Lodge BC, Canada, Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival, Quebec, Canada, and Evolver Puna EMAX, Kalani Resort, Hawaii. AUG 2012 at Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, Bass Coast, BC, Canada, Mantra Bar-teteria, Barcelona, Spain, Visionary Arts, Manitoba, Canada, DiviniTree, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, HopeDance, San Louis Obispo, CA, USA, and Red Lightning 9:30 and E. @Midnight, Burning Man, USA.
SEPT 2012 at: Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, USA. OCTOBER 2012 at: DiviniTree, Santa Cruz USA, Bio Rio, Stockholm, Sweden, Albuquerque, NM, USA, and Cinematheque SPIRIT Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel. NOVEMBER 2012 at: ATLAS Arts and Music Camping Festival, Dade City, FL, USA, Eclipse2012 Festival, Far North Queensland, Australia, and Casa Jaya Eco-cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil.
DECEMBER 2012 at: Ecstatic Dance: TRANCE-FORMATION, Berlin, Germany, Casket Cinema, Minneapolis, MN USA, StarGate to Shambhalla, Pokhara, Nepal, COSMOGENESIS 2012, Valley of the Stars, South Africa, Synthesis 2012 Festival, Chichén Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico, and National Streaming VOD release.