Kelly Smith

*Kelly Smith has been working within the information technology field for over 5 years and since moving to Seattle in 2010, she has volunteered alongside numerous transformational, musical, community, and spiritual festivals/events/programs nationally. Kelly finds her focus and inspiration in community collaboration, practical pathways, and encouraging and assisting others to follow their callings.

A Delaware native and graduate from the University of Delaware, Kelly has experience in human resources, event and project management, data classification, and continues to use her varied knowledge and skills to empower communities in this ever-changing world.

She joined Keyframe-Entertainment in 2012 and is pleased to continue collaboration with the Keyframe team.*

What has been your favorite event/festival?
While I have attended many different events and festivals, my most favorites have been the ones I’ve volunteered for. There’s something awesome about participating and seeing the behind-the-scenes of how these events come together using volunteers to help pull off large scale events. Lightning In A Bottle – 2012 sticks out as an amazing experience because of the mix of volunteer connections made and the inspiration resulting from that summer.

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