Dive into our exciting Metaverse, 3D world-building, and AI Art projects. If you’re interested to see Julian Reyes’ VR portfolio, please click here.  

3D World-Building – Note: currently unavailable. See how Keyframe has assisted in creating 3D visions. We’ve directed, partnered, and built 3D worlds with companies in Blender, Unity 3D, AltSpaceVR, Sinespace, Breakroom, Meta Horizon Worlds, Decentraland, and more.

Lucid Multiverse – Discover this Global NFT-Based Treasure Hunt from the Creators of Lucidity Festival. The mythic lore of the Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt creates an immersive storytelling experience, designed to get participants out into the world. 

Metaverse Consulting – Note: currently unavailable. See how Keyframe has helped achieve client’s Metaverse dreams. We’ve been dedicated to offering strategy sessions for brands interested in joining the internet of the Future Web3 space.

MidJourney – See Julian Reyes’ explorations in MidJourney, an AI-powered art tool that turns text into art.

DALL·E 2 – See Julian Reyes’s explorations in DALL-E 2, an AI art generation tool he’s using for ideation, prototyping, and inspiration.

Keyframe NFTs – Learn more about our NFTs and join us in this growing community. Check out some of the NFTs we created and others we’re happy to have in our expanding collection.