Art & Culture

Keyframe-Entertainment supports various facets of Visionary Art and Transformational culture. View the links below for more info on the projects that Keyframe is currently sponsoring, supporting or producing.

ReInhabiting the Village

“ReInhabiting the Village” is a multi-media community resource project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners sharing their knowledge and experience. This multi-phased project will launch with the publishing of a printed book, eBook, and companion workbook in spring 2015, followed by an interactive website with a holistically integrated resource directory and a suite of collaborative tools. The project will feature over 40 selected contributors of diverse backgrounds and cover a variety of eco-conscious themes. The project is being managed by Creator and Author Jamaica ‘Jai Ma’ Stevens and Executive Produced by Keyframe-Entertainment.

To learn more, visit the ReInhabiting the Village page.


Amplify Her Motion Comic

Amplify Her is a six-chapter graphic novel and motion comic series that expands on some of the characters featured in the Amplify Her documentary film.

Each chapter is written, illustrated, animated and scored by a team of female creators from across North America, and features WALA, A Hundred Drums, Applecat, CloZee, Lux Moderna, Blondtron, and Kytami. The project explores the emerging feminine movement across more platforms, revealing that our greatest gifts can be borne out of our deepest wounds.

To learn more, visit the Amplify Her Motion Comic page.


Lucidity Mythos Oracle Card Deck

The Lucidity Mythos Oracle Card Deck contains untold mysteries and secret keys to unlocking your personal mythology. It interweaves symbolic art with mythic metaphor, spiritual archetypes, and dream concepts, opening a portal to internal reflection and timeless wisdom.

Featuring the work of 22 visionary artists, this 55-card deck is meant to operate as a stand-alone oracle deck and is being integrated into onsite ARGs (Alternative Reality Games) to be played at festivals.

To learn more, visit the Lucidity Mythos Oracle Card Deck page



The Polish Ambassador “Pushing Through the Pavement” Permaculture tour

The Polish Ambassador’s permaculture tour, “Pushing through the Pavement,” was a 32-citywide event made possible through a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The tour converged live music, local organizations, permaculture groups, sustainability educators, and gardeners to bring the know-how and skills to put the principles of permaculture into reality.

To learn more, visit the Permaculture tour page.


ALIA: Feminine Medicine CD

Created by ALIA, “Feminine Medicine” is an original music album and stage show project created to showcase more female artistry in the electronic dance music industry. Inspired by the idea of co-creating music with other women that brings a distinctively “feminine” sound to an otherwise male-driven industry, this project aims to create a beautiful and danceable album of music that features a stage show that creates a journey through the talents of several female choreographers and dancers.

To learn more, visit the ALIA: Feminine CD page.



“Alchemistas” Visionary Art Book

Keyframe-Entertainment is supporting the production of Darren Minke’s Visionary Art book “ALCHEMISTAS”.

ALCHEMISTAS” features these Visionary Artists and more:

Andrew Gonzales, Andrew Jones, Luke Brown, Cameron Gray, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Mark Henson, Mariela de la Paz, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Darren Minke, Chris Dyer, Xavi Panneton, Adam Scott Miller, Michael Divine, Hans Haveron, Ishka La, Autumn Skye Morrison, Michael Garfield, Brian Paul Smith, Mark Lee, Krystleeyez, Jessica Pearlstein, Dave Lawell, Viandara, Justin Totemical, Mugwort Artemisia, Geoglyphiks, Tourmaline Todd, Michael Heltebrake, Adam Fu Reed, Keerych Luminokaya, Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya, Jamie Kaminskas, Laura Borealisis, Ashley Foreman, Emma Watkinson, Brig Marlin, Laurence Caruana, and many more.

To learn more, visit the Visionary Art Book page.


Bloom Series Featurette: Vessels of the Divine

Our partners at  The Bloom Series have created a spotlight on Visionary Culture.

Through interviews with artists like KrystleyezAutumn Skye MorrisonAlex & Allyson GreyAndroid Jones, and Luke Brown, the clip highlights the sense of magic involved in spontaneous creation. By trusting in the creative spirit, we’re able to note patterns–like colors and geometry–that reflect back to us the light within.

To learn more, visit the Vessels of the Divine page.


Transformational Festivals

A Transformational Festival is a multi-layered event that espouses a community-building ethic, and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living, and creative expression. While some Transformational Festivals resemble music festivals, they are usually characterized by features such as classes, seminars, installation and Visionary art, drum circles, ceremonies, performances, eco-villages, deep participation, and radical inclusion, to name a few. Given the culture’s environmental concern, Transformational Festivals also entail a Leave No Trace policy. View our updated list of festivals here.