Keyframe-Entertainment has been involved in the production of XR/music/Tech events, film screenings, and conference afterparties for many years. Below you’ll find a list of past tech events. For our upcoming events, please visit our New & Recent Events page.

PAST EVENT: MAY 24th, 2023 – Virtual Metaverse Workshop – Workshopping the Metaverse Q&A

Hosted in, Evo Heyning of Realitycraft, HiCeeCee of CJ Meta, and Julian Reyes ideated and asked questions about your future projects in Immersive Worlds. They workshopped together and talked about AI tools, transferring a corpus of data into MR, photogrammetry, VR Theater/Galleries/Events, tokenizing rewards in immersive worlds and more. There was also a tour of Evo’s new #AI Promptcraft book that teaches prompt writing for generative creatives.

PAST EVENT: MARCH 15th, 2023 – Virtual Metaverse Workshop – XR INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT in

Metaverse Workshop  brought together XR companies and professionals in to share their upcoming projects, news, events, and developments. Four pillars were represented: Wellness, Business, Education, and Entertainment. The event was produced by Julian Reyes as Chief Metaverse Officer of Metaverse Workshop.

The event was hosted by Sophia Moshasha of The Polys – Web XR awards and Evo Heyning of XR Guild. The event also welcomed XR Guild President Avi Bar-Zeev, AWE XR’s Head of Programming Sonya Haskins, CCO of The Glimpse Group DJ Smith, David Starfire of TRIPPinc, and Vincent Serpico of Metaverse Workshop.

PAST EVENT: late 2021 – Breakroom event hosting and world building

Julian Reyes hosted events in Breakroom in 2021. Breakroom features highly customizable avatars, voice and video zones, spatial audio, desktop sharing, instant messaging, in-world email system, emotes and a public announcement system. Speakers included Karen Alexander, Christopher Lafayette, Rosario Casas, and Hassanatu Blake.

PAST EVENT: Jan 23, 2021 – AUREA AWARD Germany Innovation XR

While jury deliberations took place during the AUREA Awards, attendees joined Emily Olman, AUREA Ambassador and Community Chair, and Amy Jupiter, honored speaker and guest, for a special Official networking event in Altspacevr.

This event was hosted by Hopscotch Interactive. DJ Keyframe joined on the balcony with his chill mix:

PAST EVENT: Jan 23, 2021 – AUREA AWARD Community Afterparty

After the official part of the AUREA Awards concluded, attendees were invited to meet in the Community afterparty in AltspaceVR for an  opportunity to network and meet members of the jury, award finalists and AUREA award winners. Event was hosted by Keyframe at DJ Celeste‘s new world CLUB ZENITH, where she also performed on TribeXR.

PAST EVENT: OCT 14th, 2020 – VR Producers Mixer & Tech Talks

In 2018, Keyframe-Entertainment hosted an event at San Francisco’s Great Northern focused on the intersection of Electronic Music and VR. Fast forward to October 2020, DJ Celeste teamed up with Keyframe to host a VR event Producers Mixer & Tech Talks in Altspace to continue the discussion of the exciting evolution of events and festivals in VR. The goal of the mixer and tech talks was to continue building bonds within the AltspaceVR community, and share experiences so that event organizers, aspiring world builders, and performers can have a more thorough understanding and potentially inspire the expansion of new ideas moving forward into the future. Speakers included Artsy (Digital Illustrator and VR World Builder), Doug of BRCvr, Athena (BRCvr co-founder), Cause (World Builder / Event Producer), illuminatty (TribeXR DJ), Kirill (Event Organizer), and Sterling (Decadent Oasis).

PAST EVENT: Burning Man in VR (Aug 30 – Sept 6, 2020)

“During a time when many are unable to gather in person, something truly wondrous has emerged — dozens of imaginative Universe creators built an ever-expanding virtual Burning Man Multiverse comprising 8 virtual Universes described below, a virtual Temple, and a globally distributed Man Burn,” says Burning Man. Keyframe is honored to have had a DJ performance at Wisdome and The Mushroom, booked alongside Reggie Watts.

PAST EVENT: Playable.GDC2020 @Hotel Whitcomb, SF (March 18, 2020)

Playable Agency virtually gathered for a night of innovative immersion, hypermodern art, and gaming – cyberpunk performances, dancing & more. Featured fun from Playable Agency game devs and artists with: Mixed Reality Dance Party in NeosVR, Lightform, Mystic Midway, Epic Immersive, Museum of Future Sports, Walls 360, Keyframe, and more!

PAST EVENT: VRX Conference & Expo A (December 12-13, 2019)

Julian Reyes was a media partner for VRX Conference & Expo, which provides a forum between some of the world’s largest brands and investors to discuss strategies for getting XR successfully integrated into the workplace, the public domain and into people’s homes. VRX 2019 highlighted case studies from global brands spanning more than 10 key verticals across the XR ecosystem.

PAST EVENT: The xRS Week Keyframe Happy Hour: Electronic Music & XR (October 16th, 2019)

Julian Reyes hosted xRS Week 2019‘s Happy Hour on October 16th, 2019 @ The Hotel Kabuki as a special session.
xRS Week is VR/AR’s top executive conference and expo, offering strategic dialogue and insight into the future of virtual & augmented reality.

PAST EVENT: SINGULARITY by Visual Reality @Wisdome, Los Angeles (August 2019)

Visual Reality returned to Wisdome.LA for a converging on the future of art, music, and immersive tech. The event featured David Starfire live in 360, Immersive Full Dome Dance Party w/mind-blowing 360 Visuals, Soundbath Meditations w/ Vibrating Floor + Audio/Visual Yoga, Live Digital Painting + Augmented Reality Art Gallery, and Transcendent Virtual Reality Exhibition / XR Experiments. Keyframe played a DJ set, promoted, and showcased VR experiences.

PAST EVENT: DJ Keyframe puts Tribe XR to the test (March 2019)

Keyframe was in the Viveport house giving Tribe XR a spin. He put his years of DJ knowledge into the VR experience and the results were amazing.

PAST EVENT: The SF pre-party of Mayan Heart Festival & Cosmic Convergence (November 30, 2018)

On November 30, KEYFRAME is honored to have hosted “COSMIC HEART”, the San Francisco PRE-PARTY to two very special festivals held in Guatemala in December: Mayan Heart Festival & Cosmic Convergence 2018. The event took place at the now closed Onedome Mixed Reality Art Experience. Learn more about Onedome on

PAST EVENT: Keyframe presents the Convergence of Electronic Music & VR (October 17, 2018)

On October 17th @The Great Northern in SF, Keyframe showcased the intersection of VR and Electronic Dance Music with talks from Nathan of Survios (Electronauts), TheWaveVR, TribeXR, The Virtual Rave and SwanVR. The event included demos from High Fidelity, Exit Reality, Liquid Light Project, NewPathVR, Visual Reality, and performances by Solar Theory, Torkom Ji, and Michael Strauss. The event was co-produced with ImagineX Productions and ARTandVR, and had sponsor support from SUBPAC, Pyramind, Chronos Global Academy, VRARA, EMA and the VRS Conference. View our trailer video below, and visit our Convergence event page.

PAST EVENT: Con Te Damanhur VR App launch nonlinear 360° experience (June 2018)

Keyframe is the Producer of Director Fifer Garbesi‘s project “Con Te Damanhur”, a Virtual 360° experience of Damanhur, the “laboratory of the future for humankind.” This project offers a rare opportunity to glimpse into this ecovillage and spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.


Keyframe sponsored the Visual Reality area at VRLA on May 4-5, 2018.
VISUAL REALITY has been bridging the gap between art, technology and consciousness since 2016. They design experiences and produce events that open hearts, lift spirits, and blow minds.
Their pioneering multi-sensory events blending VR with psychedelic augmented art, live audio/visual performances, and sound healing meditations provide a unique perspective on conscious entertainment and transformative technology, as well as an engaging restorative experience.

PAST EVENT: LOCZI Design Fundraiser Multi-Disciplinary art installation for SF DESIGN WEEK (May 2017)

Keyframe Co-Produced LOCZI Design‘s FUNdraiser for SANCTUARY, a multi-disciplinary art installation for San Francisco Design Week’s Opening Reception. The event featured presentations, art installations, and DJs.

PAST EVENT: ARTandVR (February 18th, 2017)

Keyframe sponsored the February 2017 ARTandVR event.
On February 18th, the newly renovated HACK Temple hosted the San Francisco-based ARTandVR exhibition. The event featured groundbreaking filmmaker Brett Leonard, whose film The Lawnmower Man is considered the first seminal film to feature VR and became the number one commercially successful independent film of 1992. With over thirty featured artists, performers, and exhibitors, every part of the church presented a novel experience.

Read the ARTandVR event review by Jesse Dimiani.