Keyframe-Entertainment (Executive Producer) and Federation of Earth have released the film Electronic Awakening.

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Electronic Awakening is an ethnographic documentary film by Director / Producer Andrew Johner that investigates the spirituality of Electronic Dance Music culture and its ties to ancient shamanic rituals.

The film features dozens of experts, visionaries, and published authors who explore the premise that “Electronic Music is spiritual technology that allows access to higher states of consciousness”. Filmed over a period of 5 years at events such as Burning Man, Earthdance, LoveFest, Moontribe, Wicked, Shambhala and the Boom Festival in Portugal, it highlights the project’s significant breadth.

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Electronic Awakening explores rave’s evolution from large-scale commercial events to smaller gatherings in remote locations. The film offers insight into the inner workings of the brain and its metaphysical connection to the repetitive beats that allow for that sense of unity and freedom that millions feel on the dance floor.

With music from world-renowned artists such as Shpongle, The Crystal Method, Random Rab, Phutureprimitive, Govinda, Cosmosis, Vibrasphere, Nadis Warriors, Bird of Prey and many more, Electronic Awakening is not to be missed!

We’ve had great success conducting  a worldwide film screening campaign. We’ve screened at Harvard, Yale University, Finland University, the EVOLVER network, Japan, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Boom Festival, Rainbow Serpent, LIB, MEME, Symbiosis, Photosynthesis, Atlas, Earthdance, Burning Man and many more amazing places.

Electronic Awakening Trailer