Keyframe-Entertainment has been involved in the production of XR/music/Tech events, film screenings, and conference afterparties for many years. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on future events or festivals. Please visit our diverse event pages below and contact us to explore ways to collaborate.

*New & Recent Events – This page features our most recent events, such as festivals and XR events such as our latest mixer and tech talks in AltspaceVR. From hosting converging music & VR events, to hosting afterparties, to guest DJing, and supporting a range of other like-minded community events, we invite you to bookmark it to stay in the know!

*Past Tech Events – This page features our past tech events, such as virtual Playable.GDC2020, VRX Conference, xRS Week, and more. In addition to hosting and co-producing tech events and projects, we’ve sponsored, promoted, showcased and DJed in VR for a range of events.

*Past Keyframe Events – As part of decades of involvement in the underground electronic music community, our past events include clubs, parties, festivals, and music-related film screenings, to name a few. We’re honored to have organized and co-produced events, hosted music rooms, and look forward to keep supporting aligned artists and community events.

*Past Film screenings – After years of experience in executive film production, we conducted a highly successful worldwide screening campaign for ‘Electronic Awakening.’ View the full list, along with other music-related film screening events we’re honored to have supported.