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Created by community and for community with Author and Curator, Jamaica Stevens and team, along with our community supporters via a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the “ReInhabiting the Village” book invites readers into the far-reaching world of Transformational Culture.

From pioneer Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil offering his deeply-rooted retrospective, to EDM artist ALIA‘s work in women empowerment, to dedicated educators Ryan Rising and David Sugalski‘s permaculture work, to Jonah Haas of Lucidity Festival‘s tips on holistic event production and sacred economics by Charles Eisenstein, the book offers an array of perspectives and resources that are useful to communities worldwide.

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Bridging the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the future, “ReInhabiting the Village” offers ways to take action today to build resilient and interconnected communities working together towards a bright tomorrow.

“ReInhabiting the Village” is a 350-page graphically rich, full color, soft cover book featuring 60 selected contributing authors, and showcasing the work of 14 Visionary Artists, such as Autumn Skye, Darren Minke, Jessica Perlstein, Krystaleyez, GeoGlyphiks, and Mark Henson. The project also features a participatory workbook with practices and useful tools for building successful communities.

Explore “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” through the lens of 12 themes, each with an associated color and sigil. Each chapter contains introductions from author Jamaica Stevens, a breadth of articles from contributors, author biographies, visionary art, community photography, informational graphics, inspirational quotes and project features. The book also features a list of References, Credits, Contributors and a Glossary.

Chapter topics include (and see below for more details):
*Heart of Community |*Health and Healing |*Art and Culture |*Learning and Education |*Regional Resilience |*Inhabiting the Urban Village |*Community Land Projects |*Holistic Event Production |*Living Economy |*Media & Storytelling |*Appropriate Technology |*Whole Systems Design

The book was featured in Everfest (formerly Fest300), Festival Fire, Collective Evolution, and Uplift Connect.

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Heart of Community
The foundation of a thriving community is based on cultivating healthy relationships to ourselves, to each other, to our communities, and to the earth. In this theme we focus on the Spirit of the Village, the core values and practices for establishing personal empowerment and interconnectivity with others. Contributing authors: Debra GiustiCoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil Jacky Yenga Aokha Skyclad Adam Apollo Kristen M. Rivers

Health and Healing
Dynamic balance is essential for coherence through all levels of living systems. As we explore wellness through the lense of our personal healing, we touch upon how the necessary shifts made on individual levels impact the interpersonal and collective capacity for vitality. Contributing authors: Aokha Skyclad Nature Dreamweaver Cynthia Robinson, Roman Hanis Matheo James Ian MacKenzie Saphir Lewis ALIADavin Infinity Skonberg

Art and Culture
Cultural expression is the soul of a people, the shared mythos that define and shape a region and it’s inhabitants. Art is culture in action, expression of the invisible made visible. As we approach the edges of a Global Culture, comprised of a multiplicity of diverse micro cultures, we explore how to honor distinctions and celebrate the potential of Human Culture. Contributing authors: Simon YuglerAlokanandaWren LaFeetLuke HoldenSamantha Sweetwater

Learning and Education
In honor of the whole being of an individual, we explore how to foster creativity as a means to nourish the conditions for a lifelong love affair with learning. Focusing on the development of holistic skills and multiple approaches for learning, the Village encourages all of us, at all ages, to continue to be filled with curiosity and innovation. Contributing authors: La LaurrienKristen M. RiversMarissa WeitzmanRobin LeipmanKym ChiDelvin SolkinsonA. Keala Young

Regional Resilience
Strengthening the foundations of resiliency in people and place through practices that create interconnectivity in neighborhoods, nourish the local economy and ecosystem, encourage adaptability, and fortify a sense preparedness builds strength in the fabric of community coherence. We look at practices and approaches to engage resiliency at local and personal levels. Contributing authors: Carl GretherLila Cari BivonaDelvin Solkinson, Dana Wilson, A. Keala YoungDave Pollard – Heather Beckett & Chelsea Estep-Armstrong

ReInhabiting the Urban Village
Reimaginging our Urban centers through the power of placemaking, creating thriving urban gardens from concrete jungles, utilizing the best of technological advances and ecobuilding techniques, applying permaculture principles in an environmental and social context to our Urban landscapes, and addressing issues of inclusion and participation, we can create thriving centers for interconnection, culture, and community celebration. Contributing authors: Lila Cari BivonaCarl GretherMatthew FinkelsteinSebastian ColletRyan Rising

EcoVillages/Community Land Projects
EcoVillages are comprised of those who see themselves as intentional community, collectively working to tend land, share resources and skills, agree to share decision making, aligned by core values, we discover how to engage social and ecological regenerative practices that minimize environmental impact, provide for the needs of the collective, honor each member, and strive for balance in the whole. Contributing authors: Danielle GennetyGeofrey CollinsNiema LightseedBlake Drezet – Rob Boy Rowley

Holistic Festival Production
Celebrations are engrained into human culture from our antiquity, reflect our values, mythos, and creative expression as we navigate the constant process of transformation, dancing around the wheel of time in connection and continuity. We explore how modern day festivals can align us the with rhythms of the earth, encourage our connection to place, create cultural trade routes for sharing with multiple cross sections of communities, and become prototypes of innovative systems for permanent settlements. Contributing authors: Lucy LeganJonah HaasNick AlgeeDavid Sugalski aka The Polish AmbassadorMagenta CeibaClayton GaarIvan Sawyer Garcia

Living Economy
Economy translates to “Eco- Home”, and “Nomy- Stewardship”. Changing the way we use, share, and relate to “money” will change every fundemental system of life on this planet, as our entire ecology and society is bound to a collectively agreed upon story of money, power, and value. In this theme we explore how shifting our concept of value can help us assess the true wealth of our planet, ourselves, and our communities. Contributing authors: Charles EisensteinStephen Michael Ehlinger IIBrandi M. VeilLa LaurrienFerananda Ibarra & Crystal ArnoldDana Wilson

Media and Storytelling
We are storytellers, sharing our perspectives and experiences through the art of media. Those who write the stories, influence the world. By transforming the predominant narrative, by being conscious with the influence of our media, we explore the possible shift of the story we are weaving together into one of triumph, cooperation, and celebration of humanities greatest potential as co-creators. Contributing authors: Maya ZuckermanDavid CaseyBrad Nye

Appropriate Technology
Evolving our technological innovations to be built for long-term strategy and viability, making them accessible and applicable for developing countries, and ensuring easeful and wide-scale implementation, we have the intelligence to become adaptable to the changing ecological and economical realities and create successful pathways for our future. Contributing authors: Julian ReyesWesley Wolfbear PinkhamMelora GoldenMelora GoldenA. Keala Young

Whole Systems Design
From microcosm to macrocosm, we exist inside a pattern that is made of individual parts, interrelated and nested within a whole. We are individual and collective. In this theme we explore the principles that generate adaptability and yet consistency, creating an elegant and scalable framework of relevance and organizational systems that considers the whole. Contributing authors: Jeff Clearwater Jessica Plancich ShinnersMelanie St. JamesPatricia Ellsberg Sheri Herndon Robert Gilman

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