For many years, Keyframe created campaigns and events at the intersection of electronic music, regenerative culture and XR. In October 2020, DJ Celeste teamed up with Keyframe to host a VR event Producers Mixer & Tech Talks in Altspace to continue the discussion of the exciting evolution of events and festivals in VR. Given a long history in executive producing media, brand strategy, and new technology leadership, Keyframe is committed to working with like-minded organizations at the forefront of XR and the betterment of our planet.

Keyframe was selected as 2018 FINALISTS for the Mars City Design of Boredome. To learn about our projects and events in XR, please visit our XR page.

Following the philosophy of remixology, Keyframe was inspired to produce the music video remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman”. Read the “STARMAN” KEYFRAME REMIXES MUSIC VIDEO LAUNCH article on OneEDM.

Keyframe is also Producer of Director Fifer Garbesi‘s project “Con Te Damanhur”; a Virtual 360° experience of Damanhur. To learn more, please visit our Con Te Damanhur page.

Keyframe-Entertainment is the Executive Producer of “ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future”; a multi-media community resource project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners sharing their knowledge and experience.

Keyframe-Entertainment is the Executive Producer of Episode 3 of The Bloom Series: “New Ways of the Sacred“, and Associate Producer and Screening Director of the entire web series “The Bloom, a Journey through Transformational Festivals” (Created and Directed by Jeet-Kei Leung). This 4-part Documentary Video Series follows a journey to two dozen global Transformational Festivals and explains this remarkable phenomenon.

Keyframe is also the Executive Producer of the film Electronic Awakening (Directed and Produced by Andrew Johner).

Julian Reyes of Keyframe serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), an organization that cultivates and celebrates social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community building and volunteerism within Electronic Music Culture. See website at

Keyframe has been an active promoter of Visionary Culture through various projects, which included supporting the production of “ALCHEMISTAS”, Darren Minke’s Visionary Art book.


With over two decades of experience, we’re honored to have worked with a range of films. Visit our Films page to learn more about Amplify Her, Con Te Damahur, The American Jungle, The Bloom Series, Electronic Awakening, The Polish Ambassador Permaculture Tour film, Dark Prophet, music videos, and our Keyframe-Cinema digital film screening platform.


We support various facets of Visionary Art and Transformational culture. Visit our Culture page to learn more about The Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Tour, ALIA’s ‘Feminine Medicine’ album, The Bloom Series’ Vessels of the Divine, and Transformational Festivals.

Electronic Music

Following years of experience in the Electronic Music industry, we’ve worked with numerous Electronic Music artists and supported a variety of music projects. Visit our Electronic Music page to learn more about our event DJ sets, the Djs and Producers we’ve worked with, past releases, and more.


We’re honored to have co-created and supported a range of print projects. Visit our Print page to learn more about ReInhabiting the Village, the ‘Amplify Her’ motion comic, the Lucidity Mythos Oracle card deck, and the Alchemistas Visionary Art book.


We’ve been involved in the production of XR/music/Tech events, film screenings, and conference afterparties for many years. Visit our Events page to learn more about our upcoming events, past tech events, past music events, and past film screenings.