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Thank you for visiting the Keyframe-Entertainment VR page! Below you will find info on Julian’s various VR projects.

MarsCity Dome Project (April 2018)

boredome_keyframeJulian and his team have been selected as 2018 FINALISTS for their Mars City Design of Boredome!

We are honored to have our work reviewed by a dedicated judging team that includes prominent NASA personnel and renown architects, as well as be considered for a prize valued at $20k+!

To learn more, go to: https://www.marscitydesign.com/competition-2018.

This fly-through VR project builds off a basic dome structure that was a design selected at Mars City Design Challenge 2016. From the basic dome structure, our 4-person team created habitat spaces in Unity, populated with robotic activities (farming) or human habitat space (lounge, hotel room, or gym).

Our objective was to envision what life on Mars would be like if human life were sustained inside the BoreDome structure. Mars City Design is an innovation platform dedicated to creating the best blueprints of future cities on Mars, creating breakthrough technologies to give impactful sustainable solutions applicable for Earth. The project was completed in April 2018.

Damanhur (June 2018 release)

I was very impressed with Fifer Garbesi’s piece ¡Viva La Evolución!, where she explore the origins of the Underground Electronic Music scene in Cuba in 360 video. We decided to collaborate on a project close to my heart given my involvement in Reinhabiting the Village. I Executive Produced the project that Fifer conjured up: the gamified documentary exploring Italy’s ‘Laboratory for the Future of Humankind’: Con Te Damanhur.

“Con Te Damanhur” is a Virtual 360° experience of Damanhur, offering a rare opportunity to glimpse into this ecovillage and spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.

Visit our Con Te Damanhur page to experience this unique place now!

INTERNSHIP: Stanford Internship (January 2018)

In an Upload VR class, I worked with teammates on a VR immersive project for The Department of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes at Stanford.

We imported the environment and characters from the Unity Store. Our main animator Scott Kravits animated the interaction of the characters, and Effy Zhang focused on 3D modeling and rigging the user avatar. My role was research, asset curation, admin, and advisory.

FINAL PROJECT: Multi-track VR interactive Music Video (2018)

In this experience the user is seated in a virtual music studio. They are able to push knobs on the mixing board that control the volume of 5 different parts of a music track: Drums, Bass, Synth, Voice, and Effects. With each movement of the knob, the specific channel is manipulated for each part of the song. The VR experience is coded so that the audio is manipulated through the channel knobs, and visual special effects fill the environment. These visual effects are synchronized with the movement of the knobs, by synchronization of the music. Using stock audio visualization effects from Unity, the user is able to control both the intensity of the sounds and the visuals. There is also a feature where the music studio walls fade away, and the user is immersed in a visual effects environment. Coding of the slider was created by the class TA’s.

Further training: VR Development With Unity 10-week Night-Course Training – (2nd session) October to December 2017

Learning Unity for VR
Creating Worlds
Lighting, Particles, & Spatial Audio
Bringing Things to Life
C# Weekend Bootcamp
Interaction Design for VR
VR Locomotion and UI
360 and System Architecture
Polish and Performance



Alongside my partner in the project, Mika, we created a VR experience where the user sorts through Christmas gifts that are tossed into a floating magical wreath. The wreath captures the score, generating a “success” or “failure” sound, depending on if the toy goes into the correct wreath. Toys fall into two categories: toys that need to go into a box, and boxes that need to be wrapped. There is also a timer next to the score board that lets the user know when the game will elapse. We brought in the environment from the Unity Store as a warehouse asset and decorated it in a holiday theme. We created or textured most of the models in Unity. With the help of our instructors, we coded the experience so the conveyor belt moves the toys and the user must pick up the objects and toss them into their appropriate wreath. This experience can also be modified into practical applications, such as a sorting game, exercise for the elderly, or a counting game for kids. This was a final project for the Unity Development VR class at UploadVR.

VR Development With Unity 10-week Night-Course Training – (1st session) May to July 2017

Provided by UploadVR, this is a VR industry deep-dive, and emerging technologies introductory experience. With the course and tools, I developed a working knowledge of the technology, history, and major players in the VR industry. It also helped understand the markets that VR/AR are disrupting and learn about my biggest opportunities as a VR developer. I learned how to properly setup, configure, and troubleshoot my hardware, and experienced a set of curated experiences that helped familiarize myself with the technology, as well as with the external resources available throughout the class.


FINAL PROJECT: Armada Animation (2017)

My first VR project ever was focused on a cinematic experience. I coded an armada sailing toward an island, and incorporated a sky environment and ominous battle music in the background. Although we covered interaction in the class, I wanted to focus on a passive experience that transported me (and the user) to another realm. I also coded the ships to sail at different speeds for realism. I was astonished to experience this scene that I created in less than a weekend. I was able to create moving water with a special effects shader and pulled all of the assets from the Unity Store. Spending a few minutes in this experience solidified my love and commitment to VR.

San Francisco VR Weekend Workshop: Learn Unity VR for Vive (April 2017)

My first experience in VR was the weekend workshop at UploadVR. The workshop offered me the foundation and knowledge to start my VR journey, as I learned the basics of Unity and how to build a functional VR experience.
Learning the software was not terribly difficult as I’ve utilized Maya, Lightwave, and Electric Image in the past. It was a fulfilling experience as the class reminded of my years as an animator, introduced me to creating immersive experiences, and showed me C#.

3D Animation Experience

My professional experience in 3D animation has been focused on Demonstrative Evidence: Accident Recreations, Forensics, Failure Analysis, Medical, Engineering, etc. In the past I’ve worked with Lightwave, FormZ, After Effects, and Maya. I’m proficient in Photoshop, video editing, and design. Professional information and contact here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keyframe