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The first NFT created by Keyframe is the Esoteric Keyframe Chess table, inspired by a lifelong love of the game. This one-of-a-kind Chess table was created by Keyframe in 2007 and compiled from various chess sets from around the world. The collection took 10 years to accumulate and include chess sets from Rumania, Mexico, USA, Egypt, Mayan, and the pieces are Buddhist. This Keyframe image NFT is a photograph of a truly unique artifact that only existed in the mind of the creator until now. The chess pieces of the multiple chess sets used to create the table were given away at Burning Man 2007.

Wolfometry – Keyframe Nostalia Series

Wolfometry represents the artist’s performance dreams and cosmic visions during a festival in EU. It is an ode to the “ancient future” music movement, in alignment with Psychill, World, and Dub.

Ethereal Kali – Keyframe Nostalia Series

The Ethereal Kali composition marks Keyframe’s foray into OpenSea, the objective of these future collectibles is to integrate a VR mechanism into all future pieces.

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