Keyframe Screenings was an online web resource that allowed Electronic Music filmmakers to share their movies with fans, film buffs, and festivals. It was created by Keyframe-Entertainment, the Executive Producer & Film Screening Director of Electronic Awakening and The Bloom Series Episode #3. The screening platform was designed to facilitate the community film screening process, and also automated the licensing and delivery of films. Members were provided with a limited, one time, non-broadcast use license to publicly screen films, music videos, online classes, and other Transmedia. The catalog of films aimed to document and preserve the evolution of Electronic Music culture through community screenings in art houses, clubs, universities, film festivals, etc. Please note that while the platform no longer exists, we can still grant permission for film screenings. The film catalog includes “AYA: Awakenings,” “Electronic Awakening,” “The Bloom Series Episode 3: New Ways of The Sacred,” and “DMT: The Spirit Molecule.” Please contact us to screen these films.