In July 2013, Rain Phutureprimitive launched a Kickstarter campaign and partnered with a team of visual artists to create “Lucid Dream,” his first official music video. Keyframe-Entertainment joined in support of the artist’s project by signing on as Executive Producer. Phutureprimitive was also featured in “Electronic Awakening”, an ethnographic documentary film by Director / Producer Andrew Johner that investigates the spirituality of Electronic Dance Music culture and its ties to ancient shamanic rituals.

For “Lucid Dream,” the team developed a story that iconically embodies the Phutureprimtive sound and narrative: the clash between technology and nature, and the role of art as a bridge between these forces. The story follows Rain Phutureprimitive as he navigates the beautiful and elemental landscape of an apocalyptic future, where nature has taken back control over the environment. As he searches for beauty and sound, uncovering the secrets of the past, he’s guided by a holographic dance spirit, played by Phutureprimitive dancer, Caeli La. The video was shot almost entirely at the coast, taking advantage of some of the most breathtaking locations in the Northwest.

An incredible team of visual artists came together to bring this vision to life. Multi-media production team Vinton Depiction, lighting designer Michael Bowles of MEBworks, and Michael Miller, the visual effects creator behind NBC’s “Grimm,”collaborated to provide jaw-dropping vfx, lighting design and projection mapping.

In January 2014, Keyframe-Entertainment’s skillful partnership-building contributed to the placement of “Lucid Dream” on MOX TV, where it earned its spot as Featured Video Of The Week.

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