Founded by CEO Julian Reyes, Keyframe-Entertainment is a creative technology project that has produced engaging and cutting-edge VR experiences, 3D Virtual Worlds, Metaverse projects, and unique events.

KEYFRAME’s DNA is a passion for electronic music, art, regenerative culture, technology, and XR, with a commitment to helping others and the betterment of our planet. We’ve helped artists, authors, filmmakers, producers, DJs, and other professionals in a range of ways, such as: Managing crowdfunding campaigns, Executive Producing their projects, mentoring, Marketing, Partnerships, etc. 

CEO and Founder Julian Reyes completed the “Visions of the Future: Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, and Beyond” online class at Stanford, and worked at Meta as AR Producer in 2022. Julian also trained with Republic Realm Academy. In June 2024, Julian Reyes will be presenting a panel at AWE XR alongside Evo Heyning, Craig Allen, Rachel Joy Victor, and Erin Reilly.  “Creative Frontiers: Navigating the Artistic Landscape in the Age of AI” will zero in on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the creative industries. Julian also presented at AWE XR 2023 on “Mapping the Web3 Immersive Platforms.” He is a member of OMI Group, an open source community of industry professionals, independent creators, and passionate enthusiasts building interoperable technology together, in the open. He is also part of the XR Guild, an association of professionals in the field of XR, Spatial Computing, Metaverse and web3 (and related) who support a common set of ethical principles.

With a lifelong passion for 3D animation, Julian Reyes has worked for notable companies such as Meta, Cisco Systems, Juris Corporation, Jacobs Associates, and Exponent over the past 20 years. His professional experience applying 3D animation ranges from areas such as demonstrative evidence (e.g. accident recreations, forensics, failure analysis) to engineering and medical prototypes.

Julian also has an extensive track record in media and entertainment, including executive production, brand strategy, and new technology leadership. He is the Executive Producer of Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening,” “The Bloom Series” (Episode 3), and the community book project, “ReInhabiting the Village” by Jamaica Stevens. As a longtime partner of Lucidity Festival, Julian was honored to support the Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt. For Julian’s bio, please see here