Keyframe-Entertainment is a creative technology agency that produces forward-thinking VR experiences for startups. Keyframe also helps XR companies reach their optimal market by connecting them with our network of partners, communities, and media outlets.

With a lifelong passion for 3D animation, Keyframe Founder-CEO Julian Reyes has worked for notable companies such as Cisco Systems, Juris Corporation, Jacobs Associates, and Exponent over the past 20 years. His professional experience applying 3D animation ranges from areas such as demonstrative evidence (e.g. accident recreations, forensics, failure analysis) to engineering and medical prototypes.  

Julian also has an extensive track record in media and entertainment, including executive production, brand strategy, and new technology leadership. He is the Executive Producer of Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening,” “The Bloom Series” (Episode 3), and the community book project, “ReInhabiting the Village.”