Julian Reyes

Julian Reyes is an XR Producer and Events Specialist who has organized hundreds of global virtual events. With 20+ years of industry experience ranging from 3D Animation, Litigation Graphics, VR, Entertainment, and Partnerships, his expertise is creative project management and multimedia production. 

Julian Reyes currently implements XR solutions at the Metaverse Workshop, a division of Founders Workshop. He has also held positions at Meta, Cisco Systems, Jacobs Associates, and Exponent. In addition to Magic Leap training, he received training from the Oculus Launch Pad and Oculus Start programs and the EveryRealm Metaverse Academy. Julian also presented at AWE 2023 on “Mapping the Web3 Immersive Platforms.”

Julian is a member of OMI Group, an open source community of industry professionals, independent creators, and passionate enthusiasts building interoperable technology together, in the open. He is also part of the XR Guild, an association of professionals in the field of XR, Spatial Computing, Metaverse and web3 (and related) who support a common set of ethical principles.

Julian is also the Executive Producer of Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening”, “The Bloom Series” Episode 3, and the community book project, “ReInhabiting the Village.”

He is the Executive Producer of “Con Te Damanhur”, a Virtual 360° experience of Damanhur by Fifer Garbesi, and worked on various VR projects.

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