Keyframe is a proud Associate Producer & distributor of Lucidity’s Mythos Oracle Card deck.

The Lucidity Mythos Oracle Card decks are now back in stock! Previously of limited 1st edition availability, the newest version of the deck comes complete with a scannable link to the card interpretation guide.

This Oracle Dream Deck contains untold mysteries and secret keys to unlocking your personal mythology. It interweaves symbolic art with mythic metaphor, spiritual archetypes, and dream concepts, opening a portal to internal reflection and timeless wisdom. Featuring the work of 22 visionary artists, this 55-card deck is meant to operate as a stand-alone oracle deck AND is being integrated into onsite ARGs (Alternative Reality Games) to be played at festivals. The first iteration of this highly interactive game, the Mythos Wanders, will be played at Lucidity Festival 2015.

We’ve brought the project to the next level of awesome with this Alternative Reality Mythos Wanders Game. Part scavenger hunt, part experiment with the flow synchronicity, the Mythos Wanders game will integrate and immerse you into the festival experience in an epic hero’s-journey kind of way. By the end, you might just fully understand what it means to be a Lucid Guardian.

Scroll below or click to check out the interpretation guide to help you make sense of the readings that your magical Lucidity Mythos oracle cards deliver!

Featured Artists include:
Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Mark Henson, Mark Goerner, Krystle Eyez, Morgan Mandala, Vajra, Justin Buuz, Joshua Levin, Chris Dyer, Cameron Gray, Jill Littlewood, Michael Divine, Brian Polett, Dave Zaboski, Myztico Campo, Nate Siggard & Nina Topinko, Filip Aura Mensl, Radhika Hersey, Shaun Robinson, Dela, and Viandara.

Mythos Oracle Deck Card Interpretations
Greetings Lucid Dreamer. If you have found this page, you are obviously a skilled seeker. Congratulations! Utilize the interpretation guide below to help you make sense of the readings that your magical Lucidity Mythos oracle cards deliver to you. Please remember… the brief words you find here are only meant to be suggestions, or sign-posts if you will, nudging you in the right direction. The only person who can truly give your readings meaning is yourself. Ask yourself what you see in the cards you select, what associations are brought up for you, and explore how this relates to your question or your current life circumstances?

QUICK READING: The simplest way to use your deck is:

1) Focus all your attention on an open-ended question as you shuffle the deck (your question should not be a Yes-No question).

2) Select a card.

3) Explore the ways that this card answers your question.

4) Read the interpretation of the card below to help you find meaning. If you cannot find meaning at first, it’s ok… remember the answer given and it might become clear to you in the near future.

As you get to know your deck, you will find a myriad of other ways to use your deck. Be creative and spontaneous, research traditional tarot spreads, and most importantly have fun!
Contributing Authors: Metatron, Jah Questafari, Lakshmi, Alaya Love, Roxanne Abell, Jonah Gabriel

  • 1. Awake in your Dreams

We, the Dreamers of the New Dawn, have stirred in our slumber. As the eye of consciousness opened, we recognized the dream as a dream while we were still within the dream! This sunrise of awareness marks an ever-present-now moment of self-discovery—the birth of something beautiful. This inception is a time to explore the many archetypes that exist within each of us—healers, warriors, nomads, lovers, trixters—and as part of a grand human family. The Hero and Heroine within are called to adventure. When you find yourself Awake in Your Dreams, you are suddenly able to see yourself sitting on the shores of eternity, looking out over the unfathomable vast expanse, knowing in the depths of your being that the answers to the mysteries of the universe are out there, within your reach. Truth does exist, and it is for waiting for you. You are invited to wade further into the waters of this epic journey of personal and collective transformation, which will continue to flower and flourish for eons untold.

  • 2. The Totems’ Return

Eyes, heart, and spirit are wide open as we begin to examine the world anew. We are lucid and loving it! We recognize that all that can be seen, smelled, touched, tasted, and heard upon this great ocean of infinity is a beautiful reflection of that which exists within us. In this next chapter, you embark on a deep and joyful dive into the heart of who and what you are. The animal totem spirits of our world are here to guide you. We call forth The Totems’ Return, ushered in by wise Owl, humble Tiger, courageous Dragon, wild Monkey, loving Dove, and playful Coyote. This next chapter is simultaneously an invitation to reconnect with the animal within and an opportunity to learn from each totem’s strengths and weaknesses. This exploration brings a greater sense of self-confidence and clarity of purpose. This stage of the journey is imbued with magic and mystery, deep connection and fellowship, playfulness and lucid happiness. Embrace the animal energies, incorporate them into your very nature. Love them; become them.

  • 3. Universe

As we fully integrate each human archetype and each animal spirit, an epiphany is revealed to us. We are all of them already. We are connected to, enlivened by, and an embodiment of each and every energy in the Universe! As above so below. As within, so without. With this profound realization, you, lucid dreamer, are now initiated into the ranks of astral rangers and galactic light beings that traverse the etheric realms. Among the illuminated masters of the universe, your consciousness rests, at peace with the All. Free from judgment, attachment, and expectation, you are in full acceptance of all that is, all that was, and all that will be. You are happy. You are home.

  • 4. Kindred Quest

It is quite understandable that you’d like to rest in the serenity and expansiveness of the Universe forever, but our work is not done. It’s time to come back down to earth and look around. You, in all your infinite and eternal-ness, are not alone. There are other beings engaging in a similar process, walking paths that interweave with yours and others, experiencing unique expressions of the All. It is time to bring forth all that you are and engage in the “We.” While your individual consciousness has tasted the sweetness of One Love, our immediate three-dimensional, carbon-based reality presents a tangible set of vital questions and challenges. How do we live in the world in right relationship with each other and the planet? How do we transform our cultures and societies to make space for a brighter future for our children’s children? For the answers to these questions, we look to our ancestors. In this Kindred Quest, we pay homage and make humble inquiry to humanity’s indigenous knowledge systems and native wisdom traditions and stand them alongside that which is gleaned from contemporary mysticism, scientific rigor and careful, prolonged observation. Ever looking, ever learning, ever loving, ever lucid, we are coming together as one community with one voice.

  • 5. Crossroads

We see our global human family entangled in a liminal, transitional zone between what was and what will be. Crossroads is the place between worlds. It is a limbo zone where many of us are confronted by Shadow and a great fear of the unknown. This dark night of the collective soul represents our final push through the oppressive powers of mind control and socio-economic domination. Having traversed years of personal discovery, exploration, and realization, and having time-traveled into our past to learn from our elders and ancestors, we are now standing upon the mountaintop, hand in hand, looking out upon our beloved Mother Earth. Without denial or judgment, we acknowledge the bursting cities and poisoned seas, the weeping jungle and waning ice worlds. As the Dreamers of the New Dawn, only moments are spent on grief, as we are here to envision solutions. We resolve to cast light upon the darkness, to dig our hands in the dirt, to sing songs of a peaceful future, and actively sweep away that which no longer serves us.

  • 6. Eudaimonia

Eudaimonia means “Having a good indwelling spirit.” And as it signals a communal happiness rooted in the virtues of a thriving humanity, it is the culmination of all we’ve been striving for. Our expanded family is overflowing with optimistic yet grounded utopian joy that has risen through many long years of searching, contemplating, delving, climbing… one humanity, one universe, one consciousness, we shift to the light and live in love forever.

  • 7. Vivacious Jaguar

The Jaguar is the symbol of the untamed feminine, the moon, and water. This totem awakens greater assertion of the feminine in all her aspects: child, virgin, lover,seductress, mother, creatrix, huntress, destroyer, warrior, priestess, and wise women. When the Jaguar is your totem, it awakens your inner passions in unbridled expressions of base powers and instincts, while reflecting the awakening of the kundalini, signaling a time of coming into one’s own power. The Jaguar is the symbol of the heroic quest, unraveling the tale that tells us that no matter the depth of difficulty in ones life—whether self-inflicted or inflicted from outside forces—there is always the promise of light and love to lead us back. The community surrounding you is your greatest resource, in joy or pain. Sharing our collective wisdom we further the emerging feminine consciousness of people everywhere, and of the planet we are working to heal. When the Jaguar enters your life, the path has just begun.

  • 8. Courageous Dragon

Dragon is the great protector and guardian. Dragon represents the mystical, the supernatural, and the spiritual powers of change and transformation. If Dragon is your spirit animal, you’re very open-minded and accepting of other’s paths and of new possibilities. Dragon supports you in being enthusiastic and carrying a contagious vitality. The Courageous Dragon is a model for our children, to know that they can live their truth fiercely, yet in peace.

  • 9. Loving Doves

The Doves remind us to come back to a place of mindfulness and grace, invoking the feminine power of giving, prophecy and new beginnings. The Doves offer the way of Love, gentleness, new ideas, purity, peace, family values, and friendship. They hold a centered calmness, tranquility, support, assistance, and create new relationships. If Doves are showing up for you, you may find peaceful opportunities for transformation of your sexual energy, intimate relationships and creativity.

  • 10. Playful Coyote

Coyote teaches us how wisdom and folly go hand-in-hand. In the folly of others, we see our own foolishness and can learn from our mistakes. Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust. It can stimulate and renew innocence and re-awaken a childlike wisdom in the world. Coyote’s howl touches the soul, reminding us of our primal connections. If Coyote is your spirit animal you are adaptive to new situations and have a close-knit family. If Coyote shows up for you, you may want to consider what tricks are being played on you, or what tricks you might be playing on others. What are the lessons or messages being offered through these tricks? Feel free to laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all!

  • 11. Humble Tiger

Tiger is a creature of great strength, power, and cunning. However, the humble tiger has no need to flaunt these characteristics and instead acts with humility and respect. Tiger is very patient, ready to act with focused intention when the time is right. If Tiger is your totem, you are likely adventurous, passionate, and have a deep appreciation for the richness of life.

  • 12. Wild Monkey

The Monkey reminds us to play and be free with joy and exuberance. Swinging from trees, Monkey’s are able to move through life easily without blockages or obstacles. With Monkey as your ally you will be tickled by an undying curiosity and on the lookout for intelligent solutions. These are gifts, share them!

  • 13. Wise Owl

The Wise Owl wears the crown of Wisdom. Just as the owl’s sight can peer through the darkness – owl medicine can reveal the unseen. If we allow ourselves to step back from our limited egoic perspective we can see from a birdseye view. The owl is known as the harbinger of change; if not the initiator, then certainly the messenger. Sight without seeing, flight in the night, messages from beyond, dreamsense and magic, all make owl a powerful ally. Use its medicine carefully and with the most positive intentions.

  • 14. The Lucid City

The ultimate destination, if you’ve chosen this card, you may be about to arrive Home. The Lucid City is that fabled metropolis of light that exists in the dreamtime, on another dimension of nonphysical reality. The place where lucid awareness, as an energy substance in and of itself, is cultivated and pulsed out through the multiverse. This is where the magic happens. If you’ve pulled this card ask yourself what lies at the end of the journey you are currently on? How will you know when you’ve arrived?

  • 15. The Family

Family, whether it’s the one that chose you or the one you’ve chosen, blood-bound or soul tribe, is perhaps the most important concept for humans to hold sacred. These are the people we love, the ones whom our Karma is bound up with through our earthwalk. These are the people who create who we are on many levels. The Family is the support system, the ultimate Team Team. If you’ve pulled this card take some time to appreciate the family around you. Perhaps you are being called to put more energy into these relationships, to grow your support system, and to show up in your fullness for the ones you love.

  • 16. The Lovers

The Lovers remind us simply that Love is always the answer. Love conquers all and will always win. Love is the purest energy force in the Universe and is arguably the very essence of all that is. When this energy is manifested in human relationships we see the qualities of joy, harmony, balance, happiness, passion, and pleasure follow. If you’ve pulled this card, it is important to remember that Love with another can never reach its greatest potential until your Love for yourself is fully realized. Remember that the sacred union of the divine feminine and divine masculine that is displayed by The Lovers is found within each of our hearts first and foremost. When our yin and yang essences are in harmony within, we will find that harmony in the world and with a partner.

  • 17. The Warrior

The Warrior is the great protector, often following a solitary and detached path of intense training and self-cultivation, and forsaking his or her own desires to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Being a Warrior entails far more than simple physical prowess, as mental and emotional cultivation are equally important in the Warrior’s self-formation. While the archetype of the Warrior has shifted dramatically through human history, it remains a potent source of strength, courage, and ferocity to draw from in times of peril. We each face numerous struggles in the world, and are given daily opportunities to develop ourselves into spiritual Warriors cultivating our mental, emotional, and physical strength in order to support and safeguard our brothers and sisters and that which we hold sacred. What are you prepared to stand in protection of?

  • 18. The Trixter

The Trixter archetype operates outside of the laws and structure of man, and is often the unsuspected messenger reminding us of timeless truths through riddles, jokes, and exaggerations. If you have pulled this card the Trixter may be enticing you to question the foundations of your assumptions, beliefs, and perspective. Have you been fooling yourself or is someone in your life showing up with medicine that is difficult to swallow? There is an important message for you here if you will engage the riddle with humility and openness to receiving the lesson.

  • 19. The Goddess

The Goddess is here to remind us of the divine essence of Unconditional Love expressed through the feminine aspects of grace, beauty, gentleness, strength and aligned power. The Goddess is manifesting in this earthly realm now through the human female who has awakened to her true nature, but as an archetypal expression of feminine energy, she exists as the seed of creativity within each of us regardless of our gender or sexual identity.This card is encouraging you to explore the Goddess within, the light, the dark and the transforming… the collective pain and the ecstatic pleasure. Consider what it feels like to have compassion and empathy for all beings. Embody the strength, courage, and creativity of your divine feminine and share these gifts with those who you love.

  • 20. The Guardian

While lines are drawn and sides are chosen, and the illusion of separation lives on, Guardians will continue to hold space for Unity of our One Human Family, with mutual respect for the diversity of expressions of the human experience, anchoring Truth and Love for the planet. Ever watchful protectors of the sacred, Guardians only get involved when situations become unbalanced and stability is needed, otherwise they stay seated in the witness position. The shift from warrior consciousness to guardian consciousness is the shift away from ‘Fighting Against’ toward ‘Standing For’. What do you stand for? The Guardians are wisdom keepers of sacred knowledge holding the Galactic codes and keys to all dimensional doorways. Access the guardian within to unlock the ‘Soulutions’ that will bring forth the new paradigm and create Heaven on Earth.

  • 21. The Healer

The Healer is the ultimate space holder, first for self which allows for the space of others. Healing comes from within – The Healer understands this, and creates within herself a clear channel to support the highest Alignment with Spirit. True healing is an individual experience. Allow The Healer to guide you toward unlocking your own secrets of transformation. When you step into your inner Healer you are emanating and radiating your connection to source. You are aligning it with the wholeness, power, and magnificence of perfect harmony and balance, and transmitting it to all receptor sites of love. If you’ve chosen this card, it may be time for you to discover what medicine you hold and use it.

  • 22. The Nomad

The Nomad is also known as the Wanderer or the Adventurer, or less flatteringly, the Vagabond. Nomads have an indwelling trust in the Divine to provide. This character knows the value of spontaneity and is able to change directions at the drop of a hat. The Nomad has survival skills to share from their vast and various experiences and journeys. With joy and mirth this playful yet savvy being goes with the flow and blazes a path for others, not necessarily intending to be a pioneer or a leader, nonetheless modeling possibility through unique innovation.

  • 23. The Intention Tree

The Intention Tree is where you are invited to voice your intentions, your dreams, and your wishes to the Universe. It is a place where prayers are heard and where the unmanifest is brought into the field of possibility so that it might birth into our reality. What intentions are you currently holding for your life, for your family, your career, for our planet and species? Have you fully set them into motion by declaring them firmly, aiming them at your goals like an archer might aim an arrow? Practice writing your intentions down or speaking them out loud in the presence of a tree.

  • 24. The Way

The Way is The Path. It is simultaneously the unfolding road before you and also is the way you hold yourself on that road. The Way represents your internal compass and navigational tools as much as it will present itself to you as the right direction among many possible options. If you’ve selected this card you might want to meditate on your current way – the path you are walking and how you feel in that walk. If you are off course, you will know intuitively, and synchronicity will show up to nudge you back to a place of alignment. Listen to your inner knowing. Watch the signposts that show up to mark The Way.

  • 25. The Garden

The Garden is where new life is cultivated. This is the place where we tend the fertile soil, where we plant the seeds of creation, and harvest the fruits of our labor. The Garden is where the wisdom of family becomes clear to us, it is where we can receive the wisdom of the elder trees with their deep roots and the young flowers with their blossoming beauty. If you’ve chosen this card, it’s time to plant your feet on the earth and dig your hands in the dirt, there is much waiting for you in that magical green place where the miracle of life is forever unfolding.

  • 26. The Grove

The Grove is a place for secret treasures, words, acts, and expressions of spirit. Just as a clearing is a safe place within a forest, The Grove offers security and protection. In this space, not only are you free to be your most authentic self, but you may come in contact with spiritual helpers or guides, or you may receive a clear epiphany or understanding. Be open to these when they show up. If you’ve chosen this card pay attention to the places in your life where you feel safe and supported. Perhaps it’s time you created more of these spaces for yourself.

  • 27. Artifact

An Artifact is a special item that represents something from the past. Artifacts often retain the energy from the socio-cultural context from whence they were originally made and used. You may have recently been gifted something special or perhaps you found a memento from your childhood. What symbolic meanings are wrapped up in this object? Perhaps you have selected this card to remind you to honor the power of the Artifact by giving gifts to the people you love so that your essence and remembrance will stay with them always. Be careful not to take artifacts that are not meant for you, as the outcomes may not be pleasant or desirable.

  • 28. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a place to be rejuvenated and refreshed. It is a place to be healed and to remember who you are. The Sanctuary offers a place to retreat to when the pressures and anxieties of the world are too much to face. Are you in need of some Sanctuary time? If you’ve chosen this card take a moment to reflect on where you find your deepest healing and reconnection to source. If you are feeling strong and centered, then this card may be nudging you to offer yourself in service to the creation of healing spaces for others.

  • 29. The Nest

The Nest is a place for incubation. Whether it’s a blossoming creative project, a baby on the way, or some aspect of you that’s ready to be birthed, the warm, safe, comfortable embrace of The Nest supports the growth of all that is new and ready to be brought into reality. If you’ve chosen this card, take some time to question what you are currently incubating inside yourself, and what is the most supportive environment for you to be in during this time. When you find the right nest, your creation will come forward effortlessly and with grace.

  • 30. Space Whale

The Space Whale is a cosmic traveler of gigantic proportions. Traversing the deep chasms of space, much like their earthly cousins dive the oceans’ deep, The Space Whale represents a fearless, almost methodical, exploration of the subconscious. If there is something hidden deep in your psyche that has not been brought into the light of your lucid awareness, you may find that the Space Whale can help you retrieve it. If you’ve pulled this card, you may have a mission for the Space Whale… it might seem silly, but just ask for assistance and see what happens.

  • 31. Awake & Aware Consciousness

The true essence of Lucidity is clarity of consciousness. Awake and Aware, as a state of being, is observant, non-judgemental, and fully present in this Now moment. In this state we are not playing out unconscious scripts or stories that do not serve us, nor are we asleep to patterns of behavior that are not in alignment with our highest self. Awakening Consciousness is indeed occurring on a global scale and is exactly what’s needed on this planet if we are to confront the challenges that we are currently facing as a species.

  • 32. Personal Growth & Global Healing

Personal Growth is about taking responsibility for yourself, for the decisions you make, standing in integrity, being honest, and sending unconditional love to yourself and others, always and in all ways. The process of growth begins when we humble ourselves to the fact that there is always more to learn and deeper layers of self to explore. When we commit to showing up for ourselves in this way, we may then begin to hold space for others to begin their healing journey. Whole healed individuals are the foundation for whole healed communities are the foundation for a whole healed planet.

  • 33. Participation & Immersion in the Artistic Process

Art is not just something for you to look at or for you to consume as a part of an audience. Art is process, it is something to actively engage. Life is art, and with this approach we are all artists, capable of creating masterpieces on the various canvases we work upon. Dress up, embody a character, sing a song, sketch a scene, make others stop to go hmmmm. This waking life is so ripe for artistic expression, grab it by the horns, go forth and create!

  • 34. Communal Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the most fundamental concept of rudimentary economics. Basically, if you give me something, I ought to give you something of equal value. When we begin to expand our concept of exchange beyond money, we are able to get in touch with the flow of energy that sustains our lives and our communities. Energy takes many forms and the more we give, the more we get. The old cliche got it wrong, it’s actually reciprocity that makes the world go round. The concept of communal reciprocity suggests that when you keep energy exchanges within your community, there is greater abundance for all. In today’s globalized capitalistic society there are plenty of ways that our energy is exchanged outside of our community, and energy is leaked elsewhere. Become aware of this process, and do your best to keep your exchanges close to home… the benefits will surprise you.

  • 35. Transparency

Transparency is about willingly offering a clear window to see through. It is about having nothing to hide. Transparency in relationships is the foundation of trust. If all is seen, for better or for worse, then we can rest assured that there is nothing unseen, hiding in shadow. Transparency, as a value, does not come without discernment and confidentiality. Sometimes, we must choose the right time to expose all, and other times we must protect the trust of others who have confided in us. Transparency is not about sharing all, all the time. We can be transparent in our commitment to confidentiality by simply expressing clearly when we hold information that we do not feel comfortable sharing.

  • 36. Family Fun & Creative Play

Remember what it’s like to be a child with beloved friends, in a safe space, supervised by a loving family, dreaming up fun games to play. Life’s too short to take seriously all the time, so let loose, dream big, and gamify your experience. Create funny rules and awesome rewards. Be silly and wild and free. And remember that the best games are those you can play with your family. If you’re having any trouble imagining how your game works, just ask a child to make up the rules, you’ll be laughing in no time. If you’ve chosen this card, see it as an invitation to PLAY… simple as that.

  • 37. Environmental & Social Responsibility

One of the most debilitating symptom of the great slumber that humanity has been lulled into is apathy. Disconnected from nature and one another, our actions and behaviors have lost their connection to consequence. Part of the great waking up is recognizing and owning the impact that we have on the environment and on other people. When we take responsibility for our actions by reducing our footprint and creating regenerative systems that deliver positive benefit to ecosystems and communities, only then will we start to see the symptoms of a healing world. If you’ve chosen this card, consider it an opportunity to take stock of your daily actions and identify where you can become more responsible.

  • 38. The Gallery

The Gallery is the place where artwork is showcased. It houses the multiple perspectives and memes that form the basis for a shared culture. The gallery is a place where your gifts can be seen. It is also a place to share an important message. While we may have specific art galleries that come to mind, this card is more about the archetypal gallery… the place where symbols speak a beautiful nonverbal language. We can create nontraditional galleries anywhere… in our living rooms or on street corners. Where do you want to showcase your art and how will you give it a voice?

  • 39. The University

The University is a place of learning. This is where we are offered the opportunity to expand our mind’s capacity for critical thought and analytic reasoning. It is also a place to observe and experience other models of innovative technologies, culture, and ways of being. The University is a formative zone, a place of possibility, where inspiration can be found, where new skills and connections can be forged, and where new pathways are laid. The University in our society, like so many of our archetypal sacred spaces, has become corporatized and monetized. It is important that you remember that education, in its most fundamental sense, is free and it can be found anywhere that knowledge is transmitted. It’s no coincidence that Universe and University share a root. If you’ve selected this card, ask yourself the following questions: Where do you learn best? Who are your mentors? What curriculum will you create for yourself?

  • 40. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is that unseen motivator that drives us forward, that unobtainable destination that keeps us on a particular path. When we are uncritical of the Dark Tower, our lives might feel like methodical enslavement. If you’ve chosen this card you might want to ask yourself: What are you chasing? Success? Happiness? Enlightenment? Peace on Earth? As long as our objectives exist as some future destination on the horizon, as a Dark Tower that you are on a journey to discover, you will never reach them. Your dreams can be made real in this Now. The tower exists in you, always, already. Throw aside the shackles of false belief structures, and live your truth Now.

  • 41. Wormhole

The Wormhole is a wild card. It is simply a portal; a way to travel from here to there. If you’ve selected this card, you may want to visualize for a moment going through a magical cosmic wormhole… Where would you ask to be taken? How would you like it to transform you? What is on the other side? Portals exist everywhere in our lives. A festival is a portal. A doorway is a portal. A synchronistic meeting is a portal. Try to identify the many times in a day when you interact with a metaphoric wormhole: an experience or thing that draws you in, that changes you or leaves you in a different place than when you entered.

  • 42. Control Room

The Control Room is the place where decisions are made. Buttons are pushed, levers are pulled, and predictable outcomes follow. This is the sacred place in our psyche that organized ideological interests and controlling or manipulative people in our lives are consistently trying to infiltrate. If they can control the belief structures that push the buttons and pull the levers, then they can control you. Your inner control room is a place for you to explore intimately and to protect vehemently. If you’ve selected this card it’s time to take a look inside and identify the places where interests outside of yourself might be controlling your behavior or choice patterns. Thankfully, it only takes you shedding light on where these controlling interests might be hiding to clean them out of your control room. Turning off the TV might be a good place to start. Make conscious alternative choices and take back sovereign control of your Self.

  • 43. Energy Vampire

Yes, it’s true, Vampires do exist. Our stories depict Vampires as blood sucking nightwalkers who will drain you of your healthy essence and turn you into one of them. Metaphorically speaking there are those among us who fit this archetype, but will drain your vital life-energy, or your bank account, rather than your blood. Vampiric people and organizations do not create their own energy flow, rather they parasitize and feed off of the creative life-force energy of those who do. If you have chosen this card you may want to examine if you are acting as a Vampire to any people in your life, or you may want to scan for the relationships where others are feeding off of you without reciprocating. When making your scans remember to ask, is there an even exchange of energy and value occurring? If yes, then you’re all good. If no, then it’s time to shine some light on the situation. Vampires typically don’t like light!

  • 44. Dream Guide

In our dreams there are Guides who will show up to point us in the right direction. Our Guides may take many forms (i.e. angels, wizards, totem animals, loved ones, characters from our favorite movies, etc) but we will know them for how they show up for us. If you are in need of Guidance, summon in your Dream Guides. Before falling asleep you might ask that your Guides show themselves to you in your dreams that night. Alternatively you can call out for your guides to appear while in a lucid dream state… watch how quickly they show up. As is the case with most guidance or answers we seek, all we have to do is ask. Who are your guides?

  • 45. Overseer

Some say that our truest character is expressed through our actions when we think that nobody is watching. The Overseer is here to remind you that all is seen. The ever watchful perennial observer is tracking everything. This is the supervisor, the omnipotent eye of consciousness, and sometimes takes the form of big brother. If you’ve pulled this card, you are being reminded to stand in your highest and most authentic self always, as your thoughts and your deeds are being imprinted in the Akashic Records and Overseers will have access to them always and forever.

  • 46. Dream Ranger

Dream Rangers are other lucid dreamers that you might come into contact with in your own lucid dreams. They are adept travelers of the lucid dream space, sharing an experience with you, for perhaps only a moment. When you meet a Dream Ranger, try to agree to connect with each other when you wake up. Share an email address, a name, or a place. When you find validation that you can meet another dreamer in the lucid dream space and then contact that person in your waking reality, that’s when things start to get weird. Your perception of reality may shift. If you’ve selected this card, you may be a Dream Ranger for others, or it might be a call to pay attention to the Dream Rangers who surround you in your dreams, and in your waking life.

  • 47. Hypnagogia

Hypnagogia is the liminal space between waking and dreaming experienced while falling asleep. It is a place where our minds stay awake, but our bodies fall asleep. Some experience what’s called sleep paralysis in this state. Frequently people report seeing psychedelic images or hearing strange auditory sounds and voices in this in-between state of consciousness. If you have chosen this card be sure to take stock of the places in your life where you are slipping into unconsciousness, where old patterns or believe structures may have a strong hold on you. Bring consciousness back into these states and watch as portals of possibility open to you.

  • 48. Hypnopompia

Hypnopompia is the liminal space between dreaming and waking experienced while waking up. Frequently people report coming into contact with spirits, aliens, energies, and entities in this state of consciousness. This is a state of consciousness where our extra sensory perception is strong, where we might experience remote viewing, or where important messages are channeled through us. While these experiences can sometimes be frightening, do your best to stay calm and received the medicine of the moment. If you have chosen this card you may want to pay greater attention to the liminal places in your life where you are waking up to a greater understanding of what’s what.

  • 49. Astral Projection

While dreams arguably occur within our psyche, somewhere between our left and right ears, astral projections are phenomenologically different. In a projection, our subtle energetic body or astral body, the same energetic body that makes up our chakra and meridian system while in the physical body, actually leaves the physical body and is free to explore other dimensions of nonphysical reality. The characters that we meet in the astral may be more than just complex reflections of self. Indeed we may come across other entities completely. If have chosen this card it may be a call to learn more about astral projection, to consider your multi-dimensional being, or to explore realms that you don’t typically travel to. Be safe.

  • 50. Lucid Dream

A lucid dream is a dream in which you know that you are dreaming while still in the dream. Some people equate lucid dreaming with dream control, but you need not control the dream to realize it as a dream. You, the dreamer, is like a sailor on the sea. While you do not control the sea, you are able to direct your awareness and navigate the waters of the dreamworld. When you embark on lucid dreaming as a personal practice you begin to wake up to the dreamlike nature of this waking reality. Beyond lucid dreaming lies the possibility of lucid living. You are being invited to wake up.

  • 51. Prophetic Dream

Deja Vu’ , Synchronicity, Remembering the Future… have you experienced any of these phenomenon recently? Sometimes we get visions of past, present, and future Nows while dreaming. Perhaps we are being asked to listen deeper. Pay attention to the messages from your dreams. How do they make you feel? How might they be informing your waking life? Try keeping a journal, and every morning when you wake up write down what you remember. You might just find out that dreams really do come true.

  • 52. Nightmare

Nightmare is the sacred reflection of our fears within our dreams; a powerful medium for self exploration and deep healing. If we analyze our nightmares from a neutral perspective – with the understanding that we cannot be physically hurt in our dreams – then we can interact with the representation of our fears to identify their true nature or root source. Nightmares are truly blessings, if we do not allow them to intimidate us or scare us from the Truth. Nightmare is nudging you to put awareness on some place of emotional or spiritual pain so that you may understand and integrate the lesson it has for you. Look at Nightmare as an ally arriving to assist in your growth and healing.

  • 53. Rainbows

The Rainbow is a symbol of unity with tolerance and respect for diversity. As a full spectrum of colors resonating at different vibrational frequencies, Rainbows are both beautiful phenomenon of refracted light AND are reflections of our true nature. The chakras that make up our subtle body are organized in the same prismatic order as our ROY-G-BIV friends in the sky. Coincidence? Nope. After all, what are we but light shining through particles? This card may be nudging you to get more in touch with your rainbow nature.

  • 55. Day Dream

The dreams we envision in the light of day may be referred to as visions or functions of our imagination. Often times daydreams are tapping us into our creative centers and our greatest desires. Use these imaginings as fuel for your creative impulses in the world and you will find great fulfillment. Honor the dream by taking action. What daydreams have you been having that you are not acting on? It’s time to get busy.

  • 55. Lucidity

When you embrace Lucidity as a way of being, you realize yourself as infinite potential, you can let go of fear, and you are free to create that which you want to see in the world. If you’ve chosen this card, you are on the right path, and clearly you should be joining other dreamers at Lucidity Festival in April.