Entertainment constitutes but one component of the Keyframe-Entertainment brand. We are also dedicated to “working for good.” As such, Keyframe’s founder and employees are deeply committed to giving back to our global communities and helping those in need, as we strive in our quest to make the world a better, more caring place. Since our founding, we have generated funds for people in need, through our support of various causes, benefits, galas, and events.

Working For Good:
Rock Against Poverty

Julian Reyes is the Marketing Manager & SF representative for the Rock Against Poverty project.
Rock against Poverty™ (RaP) is a creative development fundraising charity initiative for financing natural disaster mitigation, climate mitigation and poverty alleviation project development globally. Empowered by today’s technology innovations, RaP leverages emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to solve major problems in project planning, humanitarian fundraising, and funding allocation transparency. RaP aims to strategically raise $1 billion dollars annually for the causes. http://www.rockagainstpoverty.com

EMA: Play It FWD

Keyframe-Entertainment partnered with the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) in support of its Play It FWD campaign, which promotes giving back to the community through charity and volunteerism opportunities. EMA helps by assisting members in finding charitable causes, providing them with volunteering opportunities, suggesting ways to be of more help to their favorite charities, and helping partner charities to organize fundraisers and find talents. Therefore, by placing their faith and playing it forward, members are donating their time and talent to causes they believe in; contributing to a cycle of positivity.

EMA: E-Waste & other Eco initiatives

Keyframe-Entertainment also supports EMA’s Green Wave program, which seeks to promote awareness and activism on eco-conscious issues. The “Don’t Waste Your E” campaign addresses the EDM community’s reliance on electronics and the growing issue of e-waste (or electronic waste) which is prospected to increase by 8% each year according to a BCC Research. In order to tackle this environmental concern, they’ve drafted guidelines and resources that empower people to do their part in contributing to a healthier environment through proper recycling, refurbishing and disposal methods. https://www.ema-global.org/eco

Beats Drop Cancer

Keyframe-Entertainment was a sponsor of Beats Drop Cancer events, a cause dedicated to raising cancer awareness, funds, and research. For more info, visit the Beats Drop Cancer page.


The 2011 Tohoku earthquake had a magnitude of 9.03 and resulted in 15,870 deaths, 6,114 injured, and 2,814 people missing. The earthquake and tsunami also caused extensive and severe structural damage in north-eastern Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many areas, and a dam collapse. In response to Japan’s critical state, Keyframe-Entertainment raised funds through a benefit event in San Francisco for the Red Cross in Japan.


In 2011 Keyframe-Entertainment donated a case of Video Cameras to MMCC, Mobile Mini Circus for Children, an international non-profit NGO that has been working in Afghanistan since June 2002. (http://www.afghanmmcc.org/)  The main objective of MMCC is to provide educational and informative entertainment for children. This aim is achieved by identifying, training, and applying the Afghan talents and potentials.

It is important to Keyframe-Entertainment to extend the communal, charitable spirit of the Electronic Music and XR communities to communities beyond ours. We feel that our initiatives and collaborations make a difference and we actively welcome opportunities to work with others who share in the belief of benevolent outreach causes.