With decades of collective experience, our team can create an accurate depiction of your product in VR. Our immersive prototypes include effective user interfaces, adjustable parameters, and breakthrough interactivity. We partner with you to craft the most engaging experience to exceed your goals. Please contact us to learn more and view samples.

Keyframe-Entertainment is currently working on various enterprise projects under NDA. Here’s a selection of our past projects:

(NDA) Consumer Electronics Product Demo

Keyframe created an interactive VR Visualization which showcases all of the features and advantages a consumer device offers utilizing the client’s demo video as reference. The user interacts with the device using realtime lighting, 6DOF (six degrees of freedom), and rotation metrics.

(NDA) Consumer Electronics Product Demo

Keyframe is currently working on a visualization utilizing complex masking, particle system generation, and animated textures to replicate the act of pouring a substance into a new consumer electronics product in VR. The contents of the container follow the rules of basic gravity.

Synthetic data for training computer vision

Keyframe demonstrates how a rendering pipeline produces “physically accurate lighting” and how immense libraries of 3D CAD files procedurally placed generate simulation environments. This VR experiences showcases the different light masks that the technology utilizes.

VR Pipette Training Simulator

3D pointers indicate how to properly operate and sterilize expensive laboratory equipment, thus removing the degradation of equipment and the need to replace pipettes that were used exclusively for training purposes. VR Development created by Michael Andrew Crabbs.

Finalists: Mars City Design of BoreDome

Envision what life on Mars would be like if human life were sustained inside the BoreDome structure. Mars City Design is an innovation platform dedicated to creating the best blueprints of future cities on Mars, creating technologies to give impactful sustainable solutions applicable for earth.

DeepSea: Eco-remediation Experience

Underwater environment where user sees the effects of pollution first-hand. They are also given tools to help undo the damage, and are led through a series of gamified scenes to clean up trash and debris left over from pollution. VR Development created by Michael Andrew Crabbs.

Stanford Research Study: Automated Insulin Delivery System

VR intern project for The Department of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes at Stanford. The environment and characters were curated from the Unity Store. Animator Scott Kravits created the characters’ interaction and Effy Zhang focused on 3D modeling and rigging the user avatar. Keyframe’s role was research, asset curation, admin, and advisory.

Damanhur VR Experience. Available in the Oculus Store

Keyframe Executive Produced Fifer Garbesi’s “Laboratory for the Future of Humankind: Con Te Damanhur”. The experience offers a rare glimpse into this ecovillage/spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy; home to singing plants, massive underground temples and a remarkable community dedicated to autonomous, spiritual and sustainable living.

An EDM Chronology: Interactive VR Experience

This unique VR interactive experience showcases a particular evolution and chronology of genres in Electronic Dance Music, by stacking puzzle pieces (comprised of EDM genres) to create a surprising structure. The experience will offer multiple versions where users can create their own chronological EDM VR playlist. The project was submitted to the Oculus Launch Pad program.