Julian Reyes is the Founder and Director of the Virtual Worlds Museum, whose mission is to explore, preserve, and share the evolution of immersive worlds.

Julian has also held positions at Meta, Cisco Systems, Jacobs Associates, Founders Workshop, and Exponent. Additionally, he received training from the Oculus Launch Pad and Oculus Start programs and the EveryRealm Metaverse Academy.

As part of the Virtual Worlds Museum effort, Julian Reyes is currently working on mapping immersive worlds. Julian has spoken at AWE Conference 2023, MetaCenter Global Week, Spectrum Business Conference and has been invited to judge at the 2024 MIT XR Hackathon and the Polys WebXR Awards. Julian is also the founder of Keyframe-Entertainment, which produced media projects, events, VR demos, and 3D worlds. 

On June 20th 2024, Julian Reyes will be presenting a panel at AWE XR alongside Evo Heyning, Craig Allen, Rachel Joy Victor, and Erin Reilly.  “Creative Frontiers: Navigating the Artistic Landscape in the Age of AI,” will zero in on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the creative industries. The panel of innovative artists and thought leaders will delve into the role of AI as both a collaborator and a tool in the hands of modern creators. 


The Virtual Worlds Museum was selected for the second annual M100 Innovators Awards list presented by The Metaverse Spectrum. This prestigious recognition celebrates excellence in the immersive media industries of AI, Metaverse, AR, VR, and Web3 technologies. Notable fellow honorees include industry giants such as Epic Games, NVIDIA, Roblox Corporation, and Meta, among others.



The Polys 4th Annual WebXR AwardsJulian Reyes invited as Judge – March 3rd, 2024, NYC

Julian Reyes was invited as a judge to the Polys WebXR awards event that honors the pioneers of the medium.

The event was hosted by Julie Smithson and Sophia Moshasha and Director Evo Heyning. 



2024 MIT XR HackathonJulian Reyes invited as Judge – Jan 25-29, 2024

Julian Reyes was honored to be a judge at the MIT XR Hackathon. MIT Reality Hack is an annual community-run XR hackathon comprising thought leaders, brand mentors and creators, participants, students, and technology lovers, who come together and attend tech workshops, talks, discussions, fireside chats, collaborations, hacking, and more. Participants of various backgrounds and all skill levels attend from all over the world.



The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference“The Seeds of the Metaverse” – December 6th, 2023, online

In this presentation, we explored and analyzed the evolution of metaverse platforms and the benefits that these virtual worlds provide businesses and brands. We delineated the differences between Web2, Web3, and WebXR immersive worlds. Understanding the differences between these technologies is important to brands, investors, and marketers for their Metaverse business planning initiatives. We reviewed the virtual world landscape and organizations working to advance ethics and open standards. These efforts revealed business advantages such as improving marketing, collaboration, community building, and education through the implementation of an immersive strategy. Julian’s Virtual World Museum was also recognized for his outstanding achievements at the 2023 M100 Innovators Awards.

The conference places a special focus on AI’s role in enhancing the business metaverse. It provides coverage of both strategic and implementation issues relating to the business metaverse, and examines the growing impact of Web 3, AI, VR, and AR on the metaverse.



BitBasel  – December 2023, Miami, FL

Started as a digital art event on December 5th, 2020, BitBasel has been at the forefront for the rise of Bitcoin, NFTs, and Miami as the global crypto capital. Made up of a local community who have been leading blockchain education efforts across Florida since 2013, BitBasel empowers grassroot creators with the tools and support to launch their first NFT collection and win in Web3.


IMMERSE GLOBAL SUMMIT 2023, Orlando, FL The Future of Music Experience: AI, Immersive Worlds, and Spatial Sound

This session delved into the fusion of immersive environments and the spatialization of sound. The discourse was moderated by Brittany Marine with the panel consisting of: Sean MimsPaul Segura, Jr., aka DJ Biggie Pauls, Corey Llewellyn (aka CL), and Julian Reyes.

About the session: AI, immersive worlds, and spatial sound Technology has a transformative effect on how we experience the world around us. Innovation is happening at lightning speed. Technology offers possibilities that were previously impossible, increasingly embedding digital hyperreality into our daily lives. This transformation is evident in all aspects of our lives, including music. This also prompted many music minds to ponder… what else is possible? Slowly but surely, we are embracing the new opportunities that technology provides, including artists, creators, and the listeners themselves. What are the possibilities and how can we harness them? The answer is yet to be fully discovered, but experimentation is certainly in full swing! 



AUGMENTED WORLD EXPO (AWE) 2023, Santa Clara Mapping the Web3 Immersive Platforms

This presentation explored a list of today’s most visited Web3 virtual worlds, along with interoperable MetaTr@versal portal crawls to review how Web2, Web3, and WebXR are deploying immersive worlds. Understanding the differences between these technologies is important to brands, investors, world builders, marketers, and users. We identified companies that are currently surveying virtual worlds and organizations working on open standards. We viewed a proof of concept (POC) system for mapping virtual worlds and learned how this 3D data visualization solution can help immersive platforms in their interoperability efforts.



BOOM FESTIVAL 2023, Portugal The Frontiers of Art and Tech: The Imagination Paradox

An XR tech panel discussion on the changing and prominent role of immersive virtual worlds in our lives and their roles in imagination, reality, coding, and engineering. Panel with Mynah Marie, Julian Reyes, Amos Gaynes, quendera and Batuhan Bintas.


OZORA FESTIVAL 2023, Hungary, Chambok House “The Seeds of The Metaverse”

This impromptu presentation explained the origin of virtual worlds and how they can be the precursors to the upcoming Metaverse. Julian also covered MetaTr@versal portal crawls, and the differences between Web2, Web3, and WebXR immersive worlds.


BOOM FESTIVAL 2018, Portugal – Amplify Her screening presentation

Keyframe hosted a screening presentation of ‘Amplify Her’, and showcased Fifer Garbesi’s “¡Viva La Evolución!” and HelloEnjoy’s “Fantasynth” at the Castro Theater.



Oregon Eclipse 2017 – Hosted the ReInhabiting the Village area

Keyframe hosted the ReInhabitng the Village area at this event featuring a range of festivals collaborating from around the world.


Lucidity Festival 2017 – ReInhabiting the Village presenter.

Executive Producer Keyframe and Associate Producer Lucidity Festivals presented the “ReInhabiting the Village” book and community project at the event.


Symbiosis Gathering 2016 – Hosted ReInhabiting the Village workshop

The ReInhabiting the Village workshop focused on sharing principals that include Thinking Global, Acting Local practices, regional resilience, appropriate technology, cultural literacy, holistic health, living economy and more.


Keyframe Transformational Cultural Forum Permaculture event @ EcoSystm, San Francisco (2014)

The event focused on the intersection of Transformational Culture and Permaculture. It presented a discussion between permaculture advocates, educators, and community organizers, exploring the question of how these two movements can cross-pollinate and support each other. 


BOOM FESTIVAL 2012 – Electronic Awakening screening presentation

Executive Producer Keyframe screened ‘Electronic Awakening’, an ethnographic documentary feature film that investigates the spirituality of Electronic Dance Music Culture.



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