Immerse Global Summit + Synapse = MetaCenter Global Week: Elevating the World of Virtual Realms

I wish to thank the VR/AR Association (VRARA) and Nathan Pettyjohn for extending the opportunity to join a panel discussion at the recent event in Orlando, FL. To be a part of the Immerse Global Summit | Synapse | MetaCenter Global Week alongside esteemed speakers was an invigorating experience.

The event brought together global and regional leaders in XR / AR / VR, AI, Gaming, Art, Fintech, Space, Manufacturing, Simulation, Metaverse & Blockchain, DefenseTech, HealthTech, Sustainability, Sports & Entertainment, Smart Cities and more. It was an illuminating exploration of current capabilities and future opportunities. Alongside an incredible lineup of speakers, I was honored to make connections and contribute to discussions that set the stage for immersive experiences like the Virtual Worlds Museum.

I participated on a panel of speakers discussing the topic of The Future of Music Experience: AI, Immersive Worlds, and Spatial Sound. This session delved into the fusion of immersive environments and the spatialization of sound. The discourse was moderated by Brittany Marine with the panel consisting of: Sean Mims, Paul Segura, Jr., aka DJ Biggie Pauls, Corey Llewellyn (aka CL), and yours truly, Julian Reyes (aka ManyNames).

Here’s a summary of the discussion: The future of music experience: AI, immersive worlds, and spatial sound. Technology has a transformative effect on how we experience the world around us. Innovation is happening at lightning speed. Technology offers possibilities that were previously impossible, increasingly embedding digital hyperreality into our daily lives. This transformation is evident in all aspects of our lives, including music. This also prompted many music minds to ponder… what else is possible? Slowly but surely, we are embracing the new opportunities that technology provides, including artists, creators, and the listeners themselves. What are the possibilities and how can we harness them? The answer is yet to be fully discovered, but experimentation is certainly in full swing! 

For those who missed the session or are eager to relive its moments, the playback is available in two parts for your convenience.
The Future of Music Experience: AI, Immersive Worlds, and Spatial Sound 
Part One:
Part Two:

Special appreciation to the other speakers whose events / presentations I had the pleasure to attend during the summit, including and not limited to:

Take XR from exclusive to universal, with the Open-source Web
Liam Broza | CEO | Ethereal Engine

Building Community in the Metaverse
Shika Duncan | CEO | Onyx Leaf Media (moderator) & Joy in the Morning (JoyReignVR)
Robert Signore | President | Thrive Pavilion
Dr. Darius Lana | VP, Head of Learning | Knight Agency

Building Community in the Metaverse

Art Beyond Earth:  The Lunaprise Moon Museum
Scarlett Arana | Co-Founder | BitBasel
Marko Suvajdzic | Director of UF Blockchain Lab | University of Florida Scott Spiegel | CEO | BitBasel

Human Connection intersections of Art and Technology – Art Beyond Earth

Human Connection intersections of Art and Technology
Scarlett Arana | Co-Founder | BitBasel
Eric Gunther | Founder & Creative Director | SOSO
Christi Fenison | Co-Founder, Artist & Experience Designer | Cause + Christi
Philip Noyed | Founder, Chief Creative officer & Immersive Artist | Neo Art Space

Teaching Interpersonal Skills in the Metaverse
Robin White Owen | Co-Founder & President | MediaCombo
Amy Peck | Founder & CEO | EndeavorXR
Angelina Dayton | Executive Director | Virtual World Society

MetaCenter Global Week was not just an event; it was an immersive experience, a convergence of brilliance, and a glimpse into the future we are collectively shaping. The discussions, collaborations, and exchange of ideas have ignited momentum that will continue to propel XR communities towards new horizons in virtual landscapes.

In closing, I extend my gratitude once again to the VR/AR Association (VRARA), Nathan Pettyjohn, Ariane Fikki, Brittany Marine, and all those who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Here’s to the relentless pursuit of innovation and the boundless possibilities that await in the world of virtual realms.

Stay immersed,
Julian Reyes
Founder and Director, Virtual Worlds Museum