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Keyframe-Entertainment is a specialized branding and strategy firm, which produces, finances, and distributes cutting-edge projects.

Keyframe offers marketing support and strategic networking to DJs, producers, companies, filmmakers, nonprofits, and festivals.

We’re happy to announce that ReInhabiting the Village books are in stock! “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” is a 352-page graphically rich, full-color, soft-cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 60 Contributing Authors featuring “Voices from the Village” sharing their experience, best practices, strategies, and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives. View our video:

To learn more about our history and current projects, please visit our About Us page, and view our Social Media Strategy and Marketing Services here. For our 2015 year-end wrap up, please click our press release here.