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Keyframe-Entertainment produces, finances, and distributes cutting-edge projects by forming strategic partnerships
that generate growth for its clients and partners.
By INSPIRING, INFORMING and ENTERTAINING through film, electronic music, visionary art,
community building, and Transformational Festival culture, we aspire to create global positive change.

Keyframe‘s mission is to share the Bay Area sound globally, showcase a selection of San Francisco’s top music producers, and create prosperity for Electronic Music Culture. Keyframe also offers marketing support and strategic networking to DJs, producers, companies, filmmakers, nonprofits, and festivals.

Currently, Keyframe is supporting Conscious Hip Hop group the Luminaries’ Indiegogo campaign for their film, “When The People Lead: A documentary about the Luminaries’ travels to Palestine & Israel.” The documentary will shed light on the Luminaries’ joint delegation work with Citizen Diplomacy Initiative to educate the masses about tensions in the region and promote peaceful collaboration through art and music.

In addition, the “ReInhabiting the Village” project has just been featured on Fest300, as Keyframe wraps up Kickstarter reward fulfillment.

To learn more about our history and current projects, please visit our About Us page. View our Keyframe 2014 year-end project review:

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