ManyNames a.k.a. KEYFRAME has been deeply involved in Electronic Music Culture for decades. He has worked with the Ultra Music Festival, presented films at Boom in Portugal, and has performed at many events  around the world, including Ozora, Cosmic Convergence, and Lucidity Festival, to name a few. ManyNames is also honored to be releasing a remix EP on Sofa Beats later this year.

Born in Colombia and raised in North Miami, Florida, ManyNames currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a vast range of musical influences and has been clubbing since the beginning of the rave scene, later becoming an artist manager and executive producer of films celebrating global festival culture, such as “Electronic Awakening” and “The Bloom Series (Episode 3).” 

He is thrilled to share sonic gems uncovered over years of exploration and loves to create unique DJ mixes tailored to a festival’s theme and atmosphere. ManyNames conjures shamanic chill sounds that meld complexity & harmony. His Psychedelic Midtempo & Psychill mixes span a range of ancient cultures and weaves intentional memetic overtones.

Past performances (as KEYFRAME) include: Anthropos (UK), Burning Man (Opulent Chill/Coda/Elsewhere), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala), Lucidity Festival (Santa Barbara), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Red Marines Festival, Serenity Gathering, Wis.DOME (L.A.), and many SF Bay Area underground venues. Virtual reality performances include IDEATE/Center Camp (BRCvr), AltspaceVR after-parties, and The Mushroom (Infinite Playa). 

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Keyframe/ManyNames is honored to have been invited to play the 2022 Psy-Fi Festival’s Chill stage!
Psy-Fi festival is about a lot more than music. It’s about connecting people from all over the world. No matter gender, race, religion or color attendees come together as one. PsyFi offers extensive learning programs on their sacred island covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism and dance. 5 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic culture: 6 Beaches, 5 Stages, 2 Islands, and Swim lakes. 

Exclusive KEYFRAME Timewheel mix with full track info:

KEYFRAME also hosts VR & music events and created a VR Burning Man resource guide.

KEYFRAME is honored to have been invited to celebrate Perfect Stranger’s birthday celebration Feb. 2020, and had the opportunity to embody the Skesis persona  ~ Please enjoy programming here:

KEYFRAME executive produced Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening,” a film that explores the spirituality of Electronic Dance Music. He is also the Executive Producer of Jeet-Kei’s “The Bloom Series: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals Episode #3 and the Associate Producer of “The American Jungle”.

KEYFRAME’s remix of IAMEVE’s “STARMAN” remix project has been featured on EDMtv and OneEDM.

In summer 2018, KEYFRAME also attended Ozora festival, where he gave a presentation on how Artifacts of Festival Culture inspire transformation. He also screened the ‘Amplify Her’ film at BOOM Festival in Portugal, and is an active supporter of films on the culture (as well as the creator of the online film screening platform, Keyframe-Cinema).

KEYFRAME supported ReInhabiting the Village, a community book project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners sharing knowledge and resources to build resilient and interconnected communities working together towards a bright tomorrow. KEYFRAME is also on the Board of Directors of EMA. The Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is the country’s largest not-for-profit for people in the EDM culture, leveraging the power of our dance music community for positive social change.


KEYFRAME was featured in TribeXR’s DJ School – Viveport Developer Stories.

Tribe XR is an immersive VR application for aspiring and seasoned DJs. Play, learn and perform with our pro mix deck. Tribe XR features a fully functioning pro-style CDJ mix deck. Upload your own music and refine your own unique sound.

KEYFRAME puts TribeXR to the test!
KEYFRAME performing at Red Marines Festival 2019

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