We’re honored to consult directly with Lucidity Festival on their new endeavor, The Lucid Multiverse. We have worked together in the past as Sponsors to Lucidity Festival and Associate Producer of their Mythos deck, and they were also partners in our ReInhabiting the Village project.

The first Lucid Multiverse NFT mint launched on March 24 and March 25, with the 24th as a Whitelist presale for those who signed up, and the 25th as a public sale open to anyone.
Join The Lucid Multiverse Discord Community: discord.gg/lucidmultiverse. Read the full press release: https://keyframe-entertainment.com/lucidmultiverse/

The Lucid Multiverse NFT Treasure Hunt is designed to get you out into the world, traveling to epic destinations on planet earth, attending festivals, unraveling a mysterious and mythic story, meeting new friends, collaborating and competing in scavenger hunts, discovering tangible and crypto treasure, creating art funded by our art grants, and living the life of your dreams.

Sitting at the center of all existence, The Lucid City, stands as a pillar of light, love, and creativity for every being across the Lucid Multiverse. In all dimensions, all spaces, and all times the Lucid Dreamers of the many realms have kept the Lucid City standing simply by dreaming their sweet conscious dreams. Alas, in recent times, a dark and mysterious fog has encircled the Lucid City and cast many dreamers into fear, uncertainty, and despair. The Auroras, the rainbow roads that have allowed dreamers to travel through the astral plane to visit the Lucid City since the beginning of time, are now being blockaded with nightmares, shades, and haunts.

The Guardians of the Lucid Multiverse in all their wisdom, hid the 8 Great Keys to the Lucid City away as soon as they realized just how dangerous The Fog really was. The Guardians are now calling out to you, Lucid Dreamers, to come together and embark on a great and epic journey – a series of Kindred Quests – to recover the keys and save the Lucid City from being cast into the abyss of darkness forever. This mission will not be easy, nor will you be able to complete it alone. It will require you joining forces with others who share your dreams, your zest for life and your valiant objective of saving the Lucid City from peril. The fate of the Multiverse depends on you, Lucid Dreamer. Fare thee well.