Meet our dedicated and creative team:

Julian Reyes

Julian Reyes

Founder | Creative Director

Julian Reyes’ 3D animation experience includes demonstrative evidence, accident recreations, forensics, failure analysis, and engineering prototypes. Julian has worked for notable companies such as Cisco Systems, Exponent, Juris Corporation, and Jacobs Associates.

Michael Crabbs

Michael Crabbs

Lead Developer

Michael Andrew Crabbs is a Unity Certified developer who loves creating games. His experience covers Unity3d, C#, Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Cloud, Game Maker, Spine Animation Toolset, Blender and zBrush. He’s the founder of Nemesis Null, and worked as an Engineering Lead for XEO.

Natacha Pavlov

Natacha Pavlov

Communications Assistant

Natacha oversees the writing and editing of various content, including but not limited to: webpages, outreach letters, press releases, contracts, artist management documents, artist interviews, and social media.

Kelly Smith

Project Manager

Kelly has experience in human resources, event and project management, data classification, and continues to use her varied knowledge and skills to empower communities in this ever-changing world.

Peter Loomis

Design Director

Peter is a creative director and interactive marketing professional who helps Keyframe with various design and web integrations. He runs PERSONE DESIGN and excels at digital design, branding, UI/UX and advertising for online & software applications.

Patrik Nyilka

VR Designer, Intern

Patrik is Game Design student based in Enschede,  Netherlands. He has a passion for games and works in Unity3D, Maya, Substance Painter, HTML, CSS and C#. He implements his game and level design skills into virtual reality to create immersive experiences.