Terra Celeste

Terra Celeste works in many capacities to support and facilitate Art, Artists and creative living in everyday life. One of her deep passions is the collaborative art form of film, and creating community events around independent film screenings. Terra is a writer, traveler, artist, and organizer with a background in non-profit, community based finance, book-keeping and fundraising. Terra’s online presence is a neo-cultural curation, featuring art, blogs, podcasts, photos, music, events and festivals exploring the psychedelic, visionary edges and depths of modern day. Terra works seasonally as the Festival Accounting Coordinator for Sundance Film Festival, volunteers throughout the year with Burning Man in the Box Office and as a Regional Representative (Alumni), has organized screenings, discussions and other events as part of the Evolver Network and has a small blog on Reality Sandwich. Terra does film curation and copywriting for Keyframe-Cinema.

Contact Terra .at. keyframe-entertainment.com.