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Keyframe Blog January 2018

Keyframe Blog January 2018


We’re back with mixes, new products, community film screening opportunity & event updates!

Let’s kick it off with some good sound vibes:

ALIA has released the Feminine Medicine Vol. 1 – Remixes album! Listen to the “In Your Skin” feat. Heather Christie (DISSØLV Remix) and buy the album here.


And enjoy this “FrankenMix” by in-house DJ Keyframe!


This Oracle Dream Deck contains untold mysteries and secret keys to unlocking your personal mythology. It interweaves symbolic art with mythic metaphor, spiritual archetypes, and dream concepts, opening a portal to internal reflection and timeless wisdom. Featuring the work of 22 visionary artists, this 55-card deck is meant to operate as a stand-alone oracle deck AND is being integrated into onsite ARGs (Alternative Reality Games) to be played at festivals.

Previously of limited 1st edition availability, the newest version of the deck comes complete with a scannable link to the card interpretation guide.

CLICK HERE to place your order and read the card interpretations!



More Than A Festival, Lucidity is a collaboratively built “village” with a vision. Following an ongoing storyline, this year’s theme, Rising Dawn, invites attendees to “Awaken the New Story”, and create a world where humanity can thrive. As groups of attendees bring their piece of the vision to the experience, a village is built for all to enjoy over a three-day campout weekend.

Stages offer a wide range of music, as well as dance, flow arts and theatrical performances. A healing arts village offers everything from massage to chiropractic to herbal remedies. Beyond the art gallery are interactive installations and immersive environments that are sure to evoke the inner child. The festival features a plethora of yoga classes, as well as workshops focused on personal growth, technology, environmental activism, creativity, and more! Also, an entire realm for families features fun activities for little people and their taller sidekicks. There will also be a Courseweek prior to the festival event.

Get your tickets and confirm your attendance on Facebook!


EVENT: Feb 9-11th – MAULI OLA FESTIVAL 2018 – Hawaii
Mauli Ola Festival returns to Pahala, Hawaii. Join us for this conscious community gathering featuring vendors, art, and music by Mike Love, Clinton Fearon, Youssoupha Sidibe, Mishka, and much more!

There will also be a screening of “Amplify Her”, showcase of Reinhabiting the Village, and our in-house DJ Keyframe will be playing a PsyDub DJ set!

Get your tickets HERE and confirm your attendance on Facebook.


AMPLIFY HER Motion Comic book & Becoming a Community Screening Host!

The AMPLIFY HER Motion Comic books are now available!
Amplify Her is a six-chapter graphic novel and motion comic series that expands on some of the characters featured in the Amplify Her documentary film. Each chapter is written, illustrated, animated and scored by a team of female creators from across North America, and features WALA, A Hundred Drums, Applecat, CloZee, Lux Moderna, Blondtron, and Kytami. The project explores the emerging feminine movement across more platforms, revealing that our greatest gifts can be borne out of our deepest wounds.

CLICK HERE to get your copy!


YOU CAN NOW HOST AN AMPLIFY HER SCREENING IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Screenings can be groups of friends, an industry event, a community fundraiser and more. We’ll help guide you with strategy and resources toward holding a successful event; cost is $250.

Directed by Ian MacKenzie and Nicole Sorochan, the film follows three Electronic Dance Music artists battling demons from their painful pasts to emerge as beacons in the global festival scene.

Check out the film trailer below, described as “real people from all over, telling real stories,” and “activating and refreshing”, and contact us to discuss your screening!

We have some great items restocked in our conscious store! Check it out here: http://keyframe-entertainment.com/store/.

View our ReInhabiting the Village video:

As always, feel free to share with us projects that inspire you so that we can we can post in our network. We strive to make this blog an avenue by and for the Intentional community.

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