ReInhabiting the Village Ambassadors

Dear Allies, Kin, Collaborators, and Friends!
We invite YOU to become a Community Ambassador and represent ReInhabiting the Village in your community!

WE are all woven into this project, as the purpose and intention of “ReInhabiting the Village” was to FEATURE THIS VILLAGE MOVEMENT; Our community, Our projects, Our organizations, Our wisdom and passions. Together we ARE Co-Creating our Future!

Here is how YOU can become a Community Ambassador of ReInhabiting the Village:

  • If you haven’t yet, fill out the COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR FORM LINKED HERE.
  • To purchase books, please visit:
  • Please contact us to let us know you’ve done the above and to also receive:

  • Mention of your efforts in our social media channels
  • We’ll help promote your events & work through media partnership
  • Training and materials to be able to present ReInhabiting the Village at an aligned event
  • You will be featured on the site as Community Ambassador for the project
  • *PLEASE NOTE: In honoring of the project we ask that you steward the intention with us, as a community. As Stewards and Ambassadors, we ask that you become familiar with the book and consider these terms listed below that represent the ethos of the project when representing the ReInhabiting the Village.

    Ethos of ReInhabiting the Village: *Intergenerational *Regenerative *Holistic *Purposeful *Cultivation of Trust *Transparency *Personal Accountability *Proactive Participation *Stewardship *Ecocentric *Service *Access to Resources *Fostering Local Resilience *Cooperation *Life Affirming *Inclusivity *Living Economy *Appropriate Technology *Cultural Appreciation *Conscious Communication *Weaving Common Threads *Celebration *Shared Practices *Life Long Learning.

    Thank you for becoming a part of the ReInhabiting the Village Project!

    Jamaica Stevens, the Keyframe team, and extended community.