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RIV Ambassadors Program

ReInhabiting the Village Ambassadors Network

The ReInhabiting the Village journey continues with a growing list of dedicated Ambassadors around the world! We’ve created this page to connect all the supporters of the book and inform where you can purchase books from in your city. We would like to see communities, companies, and people connect to discuss the deep learning in this book.
If you would like to become an ambassador please contact us ASAP.

CORE VALUES: *Intergenerational *Regenerative *Holistic *Purposeful *Cultivation of Trust *Transparency *Personal Accountability *Proactive Participation *Stewardship *Ecocentric *Service *Access to Resources *Fostering Local Resilience *Cooperation *Life Affirming *Inclusivity *Living Economy *Appropriate Technology *Cultural Appreciation *Inclusion *Conscious Communication *Weaving Common Threads *Celebration *Shared Practices *Life Long Learning

List of Global Ambassadors:

Contact Location Link
Bella Vita AK: Willow https://www.spectrumfestivalalaska.com/
Earth Day Film Festival CA: Bay Area http://www.earthdayfilmfest.org/
Ryan Hoffman CA: Berkeley https://bayareaholisticpsychotherapy.com/
Davin Skonberg CA: Encinitas https://www.facebook.com/CreativeEnergyInc
Doro Meincke CA: Fremont http://initiatemen.com/
Debra Mazer CA: Long Beach http://www.debramazer.com/
Brandi Veil CA: Los Angeles http://brandiveil.com/
NuMundo CA: Oakland https://numundo.org/
Keyframe-Ent. CA: San Francisco http://keyframe-entertainment.com/
G.F. Wilkinson Books CA: San Francisco http://www.gfwilkinsonbooks.com/
Lucidity Festival CA: Santa Barbara http://2016.lucidityfestival.com/
Lisa Bodey CO: Crestone https://www.facebook.com/groups/676510912494488/
kNew rEvolution CO: Lafayette http://knewrevolution.com/
Ahva Lenay CO: Wheat Ridge http://www.startribealliance.org/, Rhythm Sanctuary
Florida Flow Fest FL: Lake Worth http://www.flowfests.com/
Devotion Farms GA: Watkinsville http://www.devotionfarms.com/
Mauli Ola Festival HI: Pahala http://mauliolafestival.com/
Sunny Genz ID: Boise https://www.facebook.com/groups/578546342231126/
Fellowship for IC MO: Rutledge http://www.ic.org/community-bookstore/
Adam Apollo NC: Asheville http://www.adamapollo.com/
Asheville Direct NC: Asheville https://www.facebook.com/AshevilleDirect
Reed Publishing OR: Bandon http://rdrpublishers.com/
Joel Serino OR: Bend https://asc.ai/
Bridgewalkers OR: Portland http://bridgewalkers.com/
Gaiacraft OR: Portland https://www.facebook.com/thegaiacraft/
Beloved Festival OR: Tidewater https://belovedfestival.com/
Terra Celeste UT: Salt Lake City https://www.facebook.com/BloomSaltLakeCity/
Danielle Gennety WA: Snohomish http://www.oursacredacres.com/project-therapy
Atlan Center WA: White Salmon https://www.facebook.com/AtlanCenter
Glenn Rose WA: Washougal
Eli Elphick Australia: Kyogle https://www.facebook.com/livinarc
Peter Gringinger Australia: Melbourne https://www.facebook.com/regenerativeblog
Nicole Bradford Canada: Calgary, AB http://nicolebradford.ca/
Cosmic Convergence Guatemala: Lake Atitlan http://www.cosmicconvergencefestival.org/
Oliver Merivee Guatemala: San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan https://www.facebook.com/Fungiacademy/
Mayan Heart Festival Guatemala: Tikal, Lake Peten https://mayanheartfestival.com/
Ivan Garcia Sawyer Mexico: Tepoztlan, Morelos https://www.facebook.com/theancienfutures

To become an Community Ambassador and for more info, please visit: http://reinhabitingthevillage.com/resources/become-a-community-ambassador/.

Visioning the New World! Art by Jessica Perlstein