Kevan McGovern’s “I/O” Documentary

Keyframe is the Associate Producer of the documentary film, “I/O.”

The I/O (input/output) computing term is defined as the relationship between an information processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world (such as a person). I/O is a reflection of the communication between electronic music and the people that connect with it. Produced by Hayden Baptiste, filmmaker Kevan McGovern unveils the truth behind why this music genre and its culture shift consciousness and lifestyle in ways that are completely distinct to other music genres. This film presents a thorough examination of the cultural anthropology behind electronic music.

Music has the ability to push the boundaries of one’s perception, emotion, and attitude. But how far? The 60’s rock movement and 80’s metal scene saw a lot of that, but they weren’t dancing in the desert to pulsating bass until the sun came up for days on end. Are we destined to become a generation of deaf people? What’s with all the drug use? Do these soundscapes really fuel radical thinking communities?

We are now hearing completely new sounds that we have never heard before. Humanity has embraced music and dance culture since the dawn of time, but today the word DJ has taken on a whole new meaning. I/O invites its audience to strap into the real rave experience and feel the power electronic music has over its listeners.

Over the past five years the I/O team has documented at hundreds of events and festivals throughout Vancouver, Canada, the BC Southern Interior, Cancun, Mexico, and down along the west coast to California and Nevada, USA. Over 200 on camera interviews have been conducted with ravers, promoters, radio personalities, politicians…even your parents.

Along the way we’ve also had the pleasure of picking the brains of these talented performing artists:
DJ Numark and Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Longwalkshortdock, A.Skillz, Willisist, Rusko, DJ Z-Trip, ill-esha, Bitchin’, Dub Fx & Flower Fairy, Hexidecibel, Vibesquad, Wassabi Collective, Mat the Alien, ill.Gates, Dewey Decibel, Boreta of the Glitch Mob, DJ Stickybuds, Mr. Bill, Erica Dee, Crystal Precious, Jay Wikid, Ndidi Cascade, The Funk Hunters, Subvert, Think Tank, JGirl & Manousos, Ash Pearson of Three Inches of Blood, DJ Soo, Dua, Joe Mousepad, Self Evident, Timothy Wisdom, DJ Spilt Milk, Dirty Phonics, Elis Dye, Cherry On Top, Jesse Presto, Bevy Swift, Trapzoid, Greenskeeper, Tank Gyal, Yan Zombie, Disco Dave, Myles Away, DJ Knowledge, WALA

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