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Newswire – Lucidity Festival Marks Its 10-Year Anniversary With Innovative NFT Drop
Lucidity Festival, an open-source transformational arts and music festival held in Southern California, is announcing its first NFT drop with the Lucid Multiverse. The NFT mint is planned for March 24 and March 25 with the 24th being a Whitelist presale for those who sign up and the 25th being a public sale open to anyone. More details will be announced in The Lucid Multiverse Discord Community.
MarketWatch – KEYFRAME-ENTERTAINMENT Announces VR Production Services to Tech Start-Ups San Francisco-based KEYFRAME-ENTERTAINMENT is a creative technology agency that produces engaging, fully interactive, immersive VR experiences for startups. KEYFRAME is excited to announce the launch of their VR services.
Reality Sandwich – Trippy Talk with David Starfire on New Album “Future Self”
David Starfire, the chart-topping pioneer of the global bass genre, comes to Gravitas Recordings with his newest musical creation. ‘Future Self’ is a culmination of Starfire’s lifelong musical experience with orchestras, marching band, sound design, EDM, and world music.
EMA – David Starfire ‘Future Self’ interview
Keyframe caught up with David Starfire to discuss the new album, giving back, and upcoming projects.
EMA – List of Electronic Music Organizations doing good
We at Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) are a global action network dedicated to protecting our people, our planet, and our parties. What we “do” is a creative and ongoing evolution between what we have done, what we are doing, and what we can do when members feel inspired.
The Looking Stone: Aazav Launches Their First Album, a New Collaboration by Producers Kai Altair & Haj i Ji
On June11, Aazav launched their first album, a new collaboration from producers Kai Altair & Haj i Ji. The Looking Stone is born of community and a shared sonic vision that spans from Brooklyn to San Francisco along the liminal Silk Road of dream; from a deep ancestral past out towards a beckoning celestial future.
EMA – KEYFRAME – BLUETECH’s “Holotrope” review
The Electronic Music genre-bending legacy that Bluetech has created over the past two decades is undeniable. Descending, Expanding, Ascending, & Integrating: the four movements of this new Holotrope album are atmospheric, psychedelic, harmonic, and familial journeys that transport the listener back to the Bluetech universe.
Reality Sandwich – Trippy Talk with Bluetech on new music “Holotrope”
Keyframe-Entertainment caught up with Bluetech to discuss his trajectory, new album, and upcoming events.
EMA – Rave: Mythophrenia Book Explores The Creation of Rave Culture’s First Superheroine & Interview
JIVANA considers herself to be a spiritual artivist (art activist). With the idea that “I Am Art” and using art as a means for spiritual enlightenment, she is an avant-garde yogini who has applied her philosophy of karmic yoga to “artivism.” Raver J is a multimedia project from JIVANA, which she calls her living cosplay, pop-art experiment, and contribution to artistic disclosure.
The Sights And Sounds – Premiere: Heather Christie Teams up with Phutureprimitive for “Little Bird”
Dubbed a vocal tour de force, Heather Christie is an American singer/ songwriter, producer, and dancer. Fanning genres of electro-soul and indie-R&B, Christie’s heartfelt songwriting embodies a message of inner empowerment.
Reality Sandwich – Interview with Sven Mattes of Anthropos Festival 2019 hosted in Baldock, UK
Hosted in Baldock, UK, Anthropos is a new kind of festival with stunning visual art, diverse electronic beats and live acts. It features workshops, lectures, discussions, healing area, welfare, live painting, artistic involvement, spa & sauna spaces.
Reality Sandwich – Shakti Sound: An all Womxn lead music production immersion & movement in the music industry
Shakti Sound is more than an educational immersion, it’s a Movement. This is just the Beginning of a Womxn Lead Evolution in the music industry.
Reality Sandwich – Scarlet Crow Remembrance Remixes album and Exclusive Track Preview
In celebration of Scarlet Crow’s new ‘Remembrance Remixes’ album releasing on March 14th, Keyframe chatted with the team and selected to feature the Bone Shaman Woman Remix by Kalya Scintilla. Read on for more info and the interview!
Reality Sandwich – San Francisco’s The Midway NYE 2019: Little Dragon, Modeselektor, TOKiMONSTA, Mayan Warrior & more! (Keyframe played the VIP Room)
Reality Sandwich – The Future of VR in Live Events
As virtual reality’s popularity increases, a growing number of events seem to continue incorporating the technology into their framework. By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach $215 billion USD, according to Statista.
Reality Sandwich – Cosmic Heart: A Celebration of Two Guatemalan Festivals
Keyframe-Entertainment would like to share 3 events coming up, alongside interviews with the festival producers of Mayan Heart Festival and Cosmic Convergence, kicking off with its San Francisco pre-party. Enjoy this in-depth article, and mix by Desert Dwellers, who will also be playing at both festivals.
VR Focus – Tribe XR Partners With DJ David Starfire For Live VR Set
David Starfire is known among the electronic music community as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, where he has developed a reputation for his work mixing world instruments with modern beats. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) company Tribe XR is working with Starfire to capture his live performance at the Keyframe VR & Electronic Dance Music event.
With Spirits Kaleidoscopic – Welcome to the world of transformational festivals
Amid wafts of incense and marijuana smoke, hordes of smiling folk in fairylike garb or, for a few, just body paint, dance in a patchwork of majestic forest glades near the town of Tidewater, Oregon. Others meditate in yoga postures. Some caress crystals or each other in gently writhing “snuggle puddles”. Colourfully painted signs read “Redesign the Paradigm”, “Make Love to the Mystery”, and, on paths to compost toilets, “Conscious Pooping This Way”. A speaker who replaces a DJ on the main stage proclaims that humans were “born to serve the Earth” and leads the flock, many with raised hands, in prayers to the four cardinal directions.
Reality Sandwich – Desert Dwellers “Antumbral Shadow” Album Review (Plus Exclusive Track Preview)
Much excitement has been building up over the long-awaited upcoming eclipse. There are also other significant developments in the music world happening this month. On August 14th, one week before the solar eclipse will be visible across a wide band of the United States, Desert Trax (founded by the Desert Dwellers in 2005) will release Antumbral Shadow, a gorgeous 25-track compilation of some of the best international artists spanning psychedelic chill-out, glitch, bass, and ambient tunes.
OneEDM – Introducing Keyframe’s Music Video Remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman”
OneEDM is proud to announce the world premiere of Keyframe-Entertainment’s IAMEVE “Starman” Music Video Remix. While we are all familiar with song remixes, augmenting popular tunes into various genres suitable to a diverse range of dance floors and remixing a music video is altogether new territory. “Starman” truly represents a new genre of music video production and collaboration.
VRScout – ARTandVR: A Vibrant Vision of Our Exponential Future
Sold-out show of 500+ positioning itself at the intersection of art, technology, and consciousness, sponsored by Keyframe-Entertainment. Quick list of the transformative technologies, performances, performers, that were present: Bearded Eye, Clay Chollar, El Shamanico, Infinite Bloom, IXOMOXI, KEYFRAME, Lucia Light Experience, Luminous Waveforms, Made of the Moon, Marpi, Matthew Childers’ Digital Introspect, Michel Reilhac, More Lights Design, Nick Shelton, Chelley Sherman, SUBPAC, The Welch Brothers, WeLens, and Ziggy Ziegler, among others.
The resurgence of large scale transformational festivals and participatory events such as Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival in Portugal, Symbiosis Gathering in California, and the dozens if not hundreds of smaller festivals has created a new form of modern coming of age ritual for millions of people.
What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads and become the stewards for our collective future.
By sharing principals that include Thinking Global, Acting Local practices, regional resilience, appropriate technology, cultural literacy, holistic health, living economy and more, the call is to empower engagement and participation in direct action at personal, interpersonal, and local community levels while considering our place in the greater web of life. Whether on a Land Stewardship project, or in an Urban environment, together we will explore the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern innovation to foster holistic solutions in our communities.
TrapStyle: Keyframe-Entertainment transforms the dance music community
If the excitement of today’s dance music scene wasn’t already enough, add inspiration and information through film, building a community though volunteerism and social projects, festivals and transformation of modern culture and mix it up with global positive change. What do we get? Keyframe-Entertainment.
It’s a feeling that’s hard to shake sometimes. You know the one I mean: We gather, we celebrate with embraces, we dance like animals – but when we pack up Monday and head back to our lives, the electrifying sense of wonder we find in each other seems to fade. – Keyframe-Entertainment cited 5 times
Exploring Psychedelic Trance and Electronic Dance Music in Modern Culture by Emília Simão
The popularization and cult-like following of electronic music has provoked new relations between men and machines, art and technology, and modern shamans and disc jockeys. New technologies and multimedia tools have awakened neo-ritual practices through the emergence of Psychedelic Trance parties, evoking tribal experiences inspired by a new shamanism, mediated by high-tech guide elements.
ReInhabiting the Village at 2015 Northern California Permaculture Convergence
What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads and become the stewards for our collective future.
Uplift Connect: ReInhabiting the Village pre-launch book review: Transforming Festival Culture into a Global Village
Have you ever left a weekend festival, or summer travel and dreaded going home to your usual routine? Those days are over!
Thanks to an emerging movement, we now have some incredible interactive tools to help us take the inspiration home with us and manifest it in our everyday lives.
The Untz: Keyframe-Entertainment transforms the dance music community
If the excitement of today’s dance music scene wasn’t already enough, add inspiration and information through film, building a community though volunteerism and social projects, festivals and transformation of modern culture and mix it up with global positive change.
Fest300: Why We Need Transformational Festival Culture
Humans have come far from the days of ancient harvest celebrations and Greco-Roman festivals. Woodstock, which was hailed as “An Aquarian Exposition,” and where amenities included groundbreaking music and a ton of mud, helped transform music and festival culture forever (along with Altamont and the Newport Folk Festival ) by providing a unified gathering place as a catalyst for finding our humanity.
Reality Sandwich – Evolver EDM interview with James Spektrum of Lucidity Festival
Time for Lucidity Festival is fast approaching. Set from April 10-12th in Goleta, California, this year’s headlining artist is The Polish Ambassador (David Sugalski), an electronic musician and DJ from Oakland, California.
The New York Times – The Progeny of Burning Man
Burning Man Spawns New Age Festivals. Article by Julia Allison covering Burning Man, The Bloom Series and The Polish Ambassador.
Wiki: “Electronic Awakening” film featured in Wikipedia
Electronic Awakening is a 2012 American documentary film, which investigates the spiritual history of electronic music culture.
Electronic Awakening – Garth Sheridan, RMIT University (AU) movie review
In the midst of the growing mainstream acceptance and corporatization of EDM cultures in North America, Electronic Awakening is a welcome glance into independent gatherings that have been ongoing since the early 1990s.
Electronica Life – From The Shadows To The Light: The Potential Of A Social Trans-Genesis – An Interview w/ Julian Reyes, Of Keyframe-Entertainment
Possessing and cultivating one specific skillset in our multimedia-driven world is often enough to carve out a niche for some individuals. What can happen when an individual synergizes multiple skill sets, focusing on bridging underground and mainstream cultures, is a whole other ballgame.
“Lucid Dream” – The Untz: Phutureprimitive releases official video for “Lucid Dream”
In the age of crowdsourcing, new and brilliant worlds have opened up to independent artists who will continue to push the envelope in the search for what’s next.
The Bloom Series – The Untz review: The Bloom Series Vol 3 – Ways of the Sacred Pt 1 review
The Bloom Series is a multifaceted documentary series that illuminates the consciousness awakening culture of transformational festivals. It goes without saying that a project with such depth and meaning deserves a soundtrack with just as much substance and beauty.
Electronic Awakening – The Untz review: Explore the mystic, communal side of the rave scene with Electronic Awakening
For decades now, the electronic music community has been inextricably intertwined with the spiritual searchers of the left-field world.
Evolver EDM – Synergy, Sound and the Sacred: Documenting Transformational DJ Culture
We’re excited to announce the launch of Evolver EDM, home of all things related to Electronic Music Culture and curated by Julian Reyes of Keyframe-Entertainment.
The Bloom Series- 2013 Festival Guide
Welcome. This is Festival Fire’s first Festival Guide and they are proud to offer it to you.
The Bloom Series – Lost In Sound: The Bloom Series: Human Transformation Through Festival Culture
On March 25th The Bloom Series, a web series and documentary about transformational festivals, premiers on The Bloom Series website.
The Bloom Series- Vancouver Observer article : Transformational Festivals seep into public’s consciousness through “The Bloom Series”
On Friday, March 22, Sobey Wing, a local organizer of the Evolver group, hosted a film screening at Emily Carr on the Bloom Series: “A Journey Through Transformational Festivals”, which launched its first episode across the globe the day before.
Reality Sandwich & Keyframe-Entertainment Announce Partnership
Keyframe-Entertainment is pleased to announce a partnership with Reality Sandwich, the web magazine dedicated to spreading the word about subjects ranging from sustainability to shamanism, alternate realities to alternative energy, remixing media to re-imagining community, holistic healing techniques to the promise and perils of new technologies.
Electronic Awakening – Afro Monk movie review
Electronic Awakening is documentary put together by Andrew Johner about the rave/festival culture. It’s one of the better films I’ve watched about the current scene today.
Electronic Awakening – Lost In Sound review: ‘Electronic Awakening’ Captures the Spirit of the Scene
Electronic Awakening is a much-anticipated documentary that follows rave’s evolution from large-scale commercial events to the festivals we have today, smaller gatherings in remote locations.
Electronic Awakening – Herald Review: Decatur filmmaker captures electronic dance music subculture
For most people who step out onto the dance floor, the rhythm and beat are simple time-keepers, letting us know when to step and where to move.
Electronic Awakening – Where’s the Party in 2012?
Perspective on the Electronic Music Culture’s relationship to the 2012 meme.