From 2018 to 2021, Keyframe-Entertainment produced cost-effective, immersive experiences for startups. Our detailed approach included carefully analyzing client objectives to generate the accurate depiction of the client’s product or service in VR. By showcasing projects with effective UI, breakthrough interactivity, and relevant storytelling, we partnered to craft the most engaging experience for clients or personnel.

  • Product Demos in VR: This is our specialty. We recreate your invention in a realistic or stylized setting experienced through Oculus Release Channels.
  • Prototypes:  We reimagine product iteration, explore potential processes, and increase productivity by supporting your product roadmap.
  • Training and Development: A cohesive XR strategy is imperative to train your staff on company guidelines and procedures. Keyframe can ideate solutions in VR, AR, or MR.
  • Education: We create immersive and thoroughly informative solutions that teach your clients the various features and functions of your product.

Keyframe offered turnkey VR solutions for the Consumer Electronics and Technology sectors