Independent Film Consulting

Take advantage of our tailored Independent Film Consulting package to assist you in your project!

Who this is for: Electronic music films, conscious media, Global Awareness and Sustainability themes, and independent filmmakers who are in production or planning a film screening campaign.

Why work with us: Years of film production experience, including the successful production and distribution of Electronic Awakening, The Bloom Series and the up-and- coming American Jungle.

What we offer:

  • Top level Audience Analysis: Identifying your audience and how you can reach them
  • Distribution: Assistance in understanding the distribution resources for your film project
  • Strategies for your VOD and DVD campaigns
  • Music licensing: Finding Electronic Music for your film (released and unreleased)
  • Music remixing for specific scenes or sequences
  • Marketing campaign consulting: Create a campaign that is robust and tailored to your audience
  • Screening campaigns: Consulting on your film screening campaign and helping you automate the process
  • Social media consulting:
    • Social media audit
    • Social media strategy

Keyframe-Entertainment is involved in many facets of the Film production and distribution process, working as Executive Producer, Associate Producer and Distributor and Screening Manager and can assist with the various aspects of your project.

To activate your tailored Independent Film Consulting package, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!